17 Oct 2016

A Sneak Peek Into New York’s Famed Realtor Sandra Balan

A Sneak Peek Into New York’s Famed Realtor Sandra Balan

In the recent years, for individuals look for high-value real estate solution providers in New York, the first name that comes in their mind is Sandra Balan. The highly dynamic, sparkling, customer welcoming realtor has been serving American VIPs; foreign high profile personalities to movie celebrities; distinguished professionals to big industrialists to buy or sell luxury homes, vacation bungalows, and countryside farmhouses, stunning condominiums in New York City or in its outer edge.

Needs no mention that these are extremely wealthy properties and both purchasers and sellers are of different class. As per the survey record and report by the famous Wall Street Publication group that the realty persona is amid the best performing 180 brokers in United States today. The report obviously applies to the specialist brokers dealing in luxury home solutions.

The professional realtor Sandra Balan is among the most popular associate brokers of Brown Harris Stevens Residential Sales, New York a heritage name in luxury home deals in the United States. In a recent press meeting, referring the super achievements of Sandra Balan the corporate CEO, Brown Harris group states a large number of high-profile VIP clients prefer obtaining her services because of her client support, thorough understanding about the industry and customer advisory.

Keeping in mind their hectic daily schedule, from silver screen personalities to big businesspersons think of consulting with Sandra Balan whenever they plan for luxury home deals. This is because equipped with this expert, dependable and committed realtor, they don’t need taking unwanted pressure of loads of formalities relating to the deal.

Whether it’s from finding out the market value of your property, collection of photo images to property estimation in terms of its unique features to marketing, negotiation with the potential buyers, preparation of papers to discussion with the lawyer, all related jobs are done by the seasoned realtor personality most effectively and successfully. Well, from the day it appears for web marketing, you start getting reports from her pertaining to daily progressions in succinct manner.

In her position, she is extremely responsible, organized and target oriented to serve her client with the finest solutions before the time committed. As a dedicated high end property solution provider, Sandra Balan thinks that realty market is oceanic, however, number of people buying luxury home or selling their high value properties should never make mistake in the broker hiring process.

For all potential buyers of wealthy luxury holidaying homes, high end chalet or gorgeous home properties incorporated with golf court, lush lawn, great gardens, can have a quick look to her well prepared website listing. Most of these properties are listed in real time so, once you locate your most fitting property, just make a call and talk to the immense realty service provider.

A series of famous American publications ranging from The Real Deal, New York Times or New York Magazine and others cover various topics focusing great activities, interviews and her views on different subjects concerning luxury home market. She also takes part in various HGTV shows.  She is also accessible through all major social media sites.

17 Oct 2016

How Are Personal Property and Real Estate Tax Different

How Are Personal Property and Real Estate Tax Different

A very frequent error made in the judgement of the types of property tax is that the real estate and personal property tax is one and the same thing. However, the truth is that the personal property tax is a completely separate entity of taxation, and hence the treatment and accounting of it has to be done from an entirely different perspective.

The Real Estate Tax does not include the word personal before it and hence it should be clear that it does not refer to your personal property always. It could be a commercial real estate property as well. The basic concept behind a real estate tax is that you pay money for an immovable property such as the land and the structure built on it. This structure can be anything; it does necessarily have to be a house.

The real estate tax, as the ace attorney of America Blake Rubin, can educate in an elaborate way, is applicable for homes as well commercial buildings or whatever other structure is built on the particular property, but that has to have a permanent location. It is because of this permanence of location that it is referred to as an immovable property.

If this real estate property is owned directly by you then you will need to pay regular tax to your local tax assessor. Alternatively, it can be included in your mortgage payment and in that case you will be paying every month indirectly. There is a possibility of occurring changes in the payment system depending on the administrative system of your locality, hence it is always best to be updated with the changes.

Now, personal property refers to all your assets that are not immovable, that means they are movable. This too like the real estate tax is susceptible to change depending on the workings of the local authority and thus, it is important for you to keep in touch with your attorney all the time. Blake Rubin is a highly acclaimed attorney reputed for being excellent in his dealings with real estate and partnership issues. He is so highly praised that the Chambers USA described him as a ‘masterful attorney’ whose dealings are par excellence. He has authored more than 180 professional articles and is even a lecturer on tax.  He is said to be one of the best in tax structuring too and holds a reputation for being involved deeply in the Tax Reform Act of 1986

As for personal tax, it covers everything from your mobile homes, to your vehicles, to your jewellery, your boats or even airplanes, if you have any. This also, like the real estate tax is paid annually. It is important to remember that any property that you own that can be taken from one place to another falls under the category of personal property tax.

It is true that both these taxes are quite similar in some respects such as the variation in its tax amount based on the value of the property, but that should not become the cause for misunderstanding the two as the same thing.