10 Nov 2016

5 Amazing Ceiling Decorations For Your Modern Home

5 Amazing Ceiling Decorations For Your Modern Home

Since centuries, wood is used as primary source for construction- let it be ordinary palaces, Cathedral or ancient huts. Even nowadays wood is used as a major material for the decorating, building and ceiling purposes. The major reason behind this is the unique glamor and charm associated with wood, which builds up warm ambience.

Reclaimed or Barn Wood Ceilings

5 Amazing Ceiling Decorations For Your Modern Home

by Structures Inc.

These days reclaimed Barn wood is widely used for ceiling purpose as it adds a rustic and unique touch to it. If barn wood is not available, you can weather the new wood block or any wooden piece available to transform into barn wood. The weathered barn wood has splashed a charm to this room. The room appears simple and modest but a combination of light colored furniture and ceiling style complement each other and create a soft overall atmosphere.

Coffered Wood Ceilings

5 Amazing Ceiling Decorations For Your Modern Home

by Reynolds Architecture & Construction

Modern coffered ceilings are designed with sunken panels of regular patterns in the shape of a square, rectangle, or octagon. Usually coffered ceilings are built with wooden beams of different size. Vivid dark painted beams over the light colored ceiling makes the details of the whole structure more noticeable and crisp. Contrasting dark and white paint on ceiling has enhanced the texture details of the room, making the room more vibrant.

Whitewashed Wood Ceilings

5 Amazing Ceiling Decorations For Your Modern Home

by Andrew Howard Interior

The wood ceiling can add so much character to a room. Semi-opaque stain over existing wooden panels, the natural grains of wood become more vivid without the yellowish tint. Such whitish theme dramatically transforms the visual appearance of room into wider space. The white colored theme has a class apart! The whitewashed wooden ceiling has not only sharpened the appearance, but also widened the room corners. It is portraying a sensation of a spacious room.

Wood Ceilings With Beams

5 Amazing Ceiling Decorations For Your Modern Home

by Kevin Browne Architecture

The addition of beams to wooden ceilings adds a spectacular tone to your space. The idea of having a beam can be accomplished by using either real wood or other material; this material can be molded, polished, grinded and colored to resemble real wood. The attachment of lights to the bottom of beam creates cozy ambience. The light shaded wooden ceiling has flooded the room with warmth and coziness. Overall, the mixture of wooden panels and dimly lit lights are perfect. If you desire to have an experience of peace-filled atmosphere, surely go for this ceiling.

Patterned Wood Ceilings

5 Amazing Ceiling Decorations For Your Modern Home


This ceiling uses the concept of flat textured wooden planks on ceiling. One method to achieve this idea is by closely arranging small wood pieces together. These geometrical patterns create an eye-catchy surface. Second pattern is easier and requires less effort to produce the same effect. Its only requirement can be additional paint or stain coats that will finalize the look of it and give it a perfect tone.

To create a wave-like pattern, you can use the concept of imprinting lighter shades on dark colored wood and darker colors on light colored wood. This design is suitable for small rooms and shops. Despite the fact that it is economical and easier to construct, it look quite expensive and stunning! The geometrical pattern gives an illusion of scattered light rays.

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