01 Feb 2017

Bifold Doors Can Be Installed In A Variety Of Applications

Bifold Doors Can Be Installed In A Variety Of Applications

Today, bifold doors are considered designer doors by the people who buy and sell them. Architects and building contractors alike have served as catalysts in the growing use of these types of doors. Builders like bifold doors as they can be designed in various colours and materials. When customised, they often come attached with features such as auto-latch arms, remote control, and a variety of configuration options.

A Flexible Installation

Whilst bifold doors are normally used in residences, they also are featured at arenas, fitness facilities, and theatres. Usually, bifold doors for residences are made of aluminium or timber with various finish and threshold options. This type of adaptability provides more flexibility to an interior space.

In fact, the threshold feature of these doors makes this kind of upgrade a well-recognised home improvement. That is because the amenity brings the outdoors inside a home and creates a seamless connection between the interior of a house and the garden or patio.

Keeping the Water Out

Most door thresholds have a rebate, or an upstand that creates a physical barrier against the entry of water. It also keeps the doors sealed. The rebate, which can be seen around a door’s frame, is normally fashioned with a brush, nylon, or rubber seal to prevent air or water ingress. For example, the threshold for bifold patio doors features a rebated design that gives the doors a weather rating. Therefore, one ideal feature of a rebated threshold is that it can be sunk below floor level to create as flush a threshold as possible.

However, a flush threshold, by definition, does not feature a rebate, and is therefore configured with a low ramp type of design. This type of door thus features no weather rating. Whilst this does not mean that this type of installation will leak, it means that you have to be aware of this aspect if you want to choose this type of upgrade.

Installing Bifold Doors with a Low Threshold

If new bifold doors are fitted then, with a low threshold and in a sheltered setting, they probably will be sufficient to protect inhabitants from driving rainstorms. As long as a canopy is installed above the doors, they will offer adequate protection. This type of application is naturally preferred over a low threshold door that is fitted in an exposed location. Unless it is a high-end air door and has a weather rating, you cannot always be assured of a low-threshold door’s resistance to the wind or rain.

In most cases, bifold doors with low thresholds that do not have a recognised weather rating are intended for internal installations, such as a room divider. Therefore, you need to consider the location and use of your bifold door installation. A rebated threshold is the best type of door design as the door can be set lower with only a marginal upstand. For instance, a 12mm upstand will not be noticed and will give you added peace of mind when it is windy or rainy outside.

01 Feb 2017

How Metal Blacking Can Help Protect Your Steel

How Metal Blacking Can Help Protect Your Steel

There are few building materials more durable and dependable than steel. After all, entire skyscrapers are constructed from steel. It’s one of the great marvels of our modern age, and is indeed one of the factors which has helped make this material so very modern. Steel is a relatively new building material, compared to other metals, and its use and durability are responsible for so many of the breakthroughs which we associate with the modern world. Indeed, steel makes up so much of our modern infrastructure and, to a certain extent, is even deserving of credit for the condition of modernity itself.

Whatever cause you are building toward, therefore, it is in your best interest to build with aspirations of strength, durability, and quality in mind. This means embracing not just steel, but also the processes which are specially designed and developed to help optimise steel. One of the most prominent of these is metal blacking, and steel blacking in particular. Here is a brief look at the process, and information about what cold blacking steel can do for you.

What is Metal or Steel Blacking?

Every building material has its pros and cons. Great buildings and monuments from the past and present alike each face their own unique set of challenges to remain in top shape. While weather conditions naturally vary wildly across the globe, the weathering effect of wind, rain, sleet, snow, hail, and similar conditions can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of even the strongest building materials, including steel. Add to that the fact that this weathering process can naturally deface metal buildings and objects from an aesthetic standpoint, and the need for protection becomes clear.

Steel blacking provides just that. It is a chemical process which introduces new, more resistant chemical agents on top of the surface of the steel, thereby shielding it from the aforementioned harmful effects of weathering and other potential erosive or corrosive issues.

Different Methods

There are different methods of steel blacking. Some of these take longer than others, though it is worth noting that many of the best methods of steel blacking are actually relatively quick. These involve simply dipping the steel in question into the blacking chemical agent and texturizing the material accordingly. Another great benefit of this option is that it’s one of the most affordable means of metal blacking available, and can likewise be applied to a variety of different metals in addition to steel. As such, if you are looking for an effective, fast, and inexpensive way to protect your metal from erosion or corrosion, metal blacking might well be your best bet.

Experience Counts

Of course, metal blacking is a complex process and one which requires an expert, attentive company to pull off correctly. Steel can be expensive, and the consequences of your steel being damaged or improperly blacked can be even more expensive. You therefore want to turn to metal blacking companies which boast a long record of success, and decades’ worth of experience.

Improve the quality of your metal and build for the future today with quality metal blacking options.