11 Jun 2017

How To Bring The Vacation Spirit Into The Bathroom

How To Bring The Vacation Spirit Into The Bathroom

Who doesn’t like to indulge in a beautiful, relaxing spa treatment during a vacation? The soothing atmosphere of those resorts featuring soft lights, music, neutral colors, refreshing aromas, etc. instantly calm down the nerves and make the stresses fade away. Who wouldn’t like to have the same experience every weekend, or every day?

Well, you obviously can’t afford to go to the spa every day, but you can bring that vacation spirit right into your home! A more spa-like bathroom can melt your day’s worries away and get in in the best mood to face the world next day. If you want to spend every day of your life like on vacation, check the following bathroom decoration ideas.

Stick to minimal décor.

How To Bring The Vacation Spirit Into The Bathroom

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A spa is all about creating a soothing atmosphere that helps you to unwind and relax. The key to creating such a mood is to stick to minimalism. It can be luxurious but never extravagant.

Keep the color palette neutral and reduce the clutter as much as possible. Store the toiletries out of sight except for a soap dispenser. Tuck all the daily necessities in the closet or under the sink. But, if you don’t have much storage, keep them in glass jars, so they seamlessly blend in with the surroundings. Don’t forget to bring a couple of plants to keep the look more natural.

Give it a couple of glamorous touches.

How To Bring The Vacation Spirit Into The Bathroom

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Vacation means merriment and fun. Although you’re trying to create a spa-like zen here, that doesn’t mean it has to be sterile. A beautiful marble installation on the floor and in the bathtub, an expensive blind covering the window, and several flower plants impregnating the space with pleasing fragrance will warm up the bathroom and make it your own private sanctuary.

Create a cabana feel with beadboard.

How To Bring The Vacation Spirit Into The Bathroom

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Beadboard wainscoting design in the bathroom creates a cabana style feeling, especially if it surrounds the bathtub area. Painting the fixture in high-gloss white will exert a traditional style. Cover the upper walls with nautical-themed pictures or items to highlight the beach vibe. However, you can also use it for displaying framed pictures to give the place a more personal touch. Combine the look with a traditional overhead and a claw foot tub, and the place will scream ‘vacation’ without looking pretentious.

Besides, wainscoting wall paneling is the perfect option for a high-traffic bathroom. It protects the walls without the necessity of installing drywall.

Bring the greens.

How To Bring The Vacation Spirit Into The Bathroom

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Nothing can be more relaxing than the sight of a bunch of green plants. Greens can create a calming effect as well as add a decorating touch. Bring the peace lilies and bamboos, both of which can thrive in high humid level. Eucalyptus is another favorite option that will discharge aroma and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties after coming in contact with steam and heat. Nonetheless, you can go for other plants too, whichever suits your personal taste.

The presentation matters.

How To Bring The Vacation Spirit Into The Bathroom

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Bath salts, aromatic soaps, candles, etc. are essential elements of a spa. However, don’t keep them sporadically in the bathroom so that it looks like a mess. Put them in a lovely container or a tray and line up the candles along the bathtub.

Don’t forget to add high-quality bath oils and sprinkle rose petals into the tub. Both the ingredients have relaxing properties to soothe aching muscles and tense nerves.

Emphasize on the mood lighting.

How To Bring The Vacation Spirit Into The Bathroom

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Creating a peaceful, serene atmosphere is the key in designing a spa-like retreat. So, mood lighting can really play a big role in the transition of a space. Use soft lights and LED candles, and complement them with a nice tub and shower.

A bathroom is a perfect place to repose, and you can transform the place a lavish retreat with these wonderful ideas. Whether you have plans for a full remodel or just a couple of changes, these design and décor strategies will turn it into a private oasis.

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