17 Jul 2017

How Is A Tree Removed From Your Back Garden?

How Is A Tree Removed From Your Back Garden?

Your tree is an asset to your garden, however, there will times when your tree needs some attention. The tree might have started to encroach over your fence and onto your neighbour’s property. The branches of the tree might be blocking light out from the garden to such an extent that the plants a dying. The branches might start to lean dangerously towards your house and need to be taken down.

When you need to have a tree removed from your back garden, you should not attempt to do this by yourself. Instead of this, you should hire a fully-qualified professional. They will be able to use a wide array of equipment and tools to make sure that the tree is taken care of.

How is a tree removed from your back garden?

The Branches Are Removed

The tree surgeon is going to work from the top down whilst performing tree removals in Perth, hacking and cutting different parts of the tree as they go. The first thing that they will do is to cut the top branches off. This makes the top of the trunk much more accessible for later parts of the job.

They will make sure that none of the tree branches is going to fall onto your house or your garden shed.

The Top Of Tree Is Cut Off

Cutting the top off the tree is going to be the next stage of the tree felling process. The surgeon will make sure that the top of the tree is going to fall in the garden and not onto anything else. After the top of the tree has been cut off, the trunk of the tree can be removed in sections. This is much easier and safer than the tree being cut down at the base.

Once the tree trunk has been cut down properly, then phase three can begin in earnest.

The Base Is Cut Up

The base needs to be dug out of the ground. This can be done one of two ways. Firstly, the tree surgeon might decide to cut up the trunk with an axe and then remove the individual pieces. This can be time-consuming, so there is a faster method. The tree surgeon can use a woodcutter to make sure that the trunk is successfully cut away.

The Roots Are Dug Up

When the trunk has been successfully removed, it is time for the roots to be completely dug up. This can be done by the tree surgeon using a spade. This will minimise the damage that occurs on the grass.

When your tree is growing too big or is leaning dangerously, then it will be a good time to call a tree surgeon. They will carry out a full inspection of the tree and then they will make sure that the branches, trunk and roots are safely removed.

Tree removal will be quick and efficient when you use a surgeon.

15 Jul 2017

Wainscoting: Achieve Instant Style At Budget Cost For Your Home

Wainscoting: Achieve Instant Style At Budget Cost For Your Home

A wall treatment that is generally applied to the lower part of the wall, wainscoting is a technique that has existed for a long time but has been deemed out of fashion in the 1950s. However, it has made a comeback in recent years due to its versatility, easy application, and most importantly, costing only a fraction of what it used to. Homeowners all over the world are giving their interior space a fresh new look with the help of wainscoting.


Wainscoting: Achieve Instant Style At Budget Cost For Your Home

Traditionally made from solid wood which is heavy, expensive, and difficult to handle, wainscoting now comes in light-weight materials that are ready to be painted. Thanks to this advancement in material technology, installation for wainscoting is a breeze and is very affordable. Furthermore, as the material is easily manipulated, you can have your wainscoting at any height you prefer, from only covering one-third all the way to the full height of your wall.

Styles and colors

Wainscoting: Achieve Instant Style At Budget Cost For Your Home

Wainscoting decorations come in many styles and colors. Go for a more intricate look, like raised panel wainscoting, for a traditional theme or get a simple flat panel wainscoting for that clean modern interior appearance. Looking for something more country-like or barn style? Not a problem. Simply install beadboard wainscoting to perfectly create a pleasant cottage atmosphere in the room. Because you can paint it any color you want, wainscoting can be very versatile and made to fit the theme of your room.

Opt for a light color to brighten up the space and augment its sense of spaciousness. For a more cozy and intimate ambiance, paint your wainscoting a dark color. To make your room more exciting, create visual contrast by painting your wainscoting a different color from the wall. The choices are endless!


Wainscoting: Achieve Instant Style At Budget Cost For Your Home

Apart from being an aesthetically pleasing decoration, wainscoting also has the added bonus of being functional. This extra layer on your wall makes a great protector for your structural walls. Damages from water splashes or objects hitting against your walls will be absorbed by the wainscoting. Wainscoting is a rigid object usually painted with semi-gloss paint, making it possible to be sprayed with cleaning agents and wiped down. If the wainscoting has suffered too many damages, simply change the panel, which will be much easier and cheaper than repairing your structural walls.

In case your walls already have cracks or imperfections on the lower region, you can just install wainscoting over them and these eye-sores will disappear in no time at all. In addition, wainscoting also acts as an insulator, keeping your room warm and cozy during the harsh winter months.

Installation practices

Wainscoting: Achieve Instant Style At Budget Cost For Your Home

Most people install wainscoting around the whole perimeter of a room and usually at a height of 32 to 36 inches. This, of course, depends on the height of your walls and structure of your room. If the room is small and has a low ceiling, consider getting lower wainscoting as high wainscoting can look imposing and makes a small room look cluttered.

On the other hand, a modern take in designing a space with wainscoting is to use it to make a feature wall. Apply a floor to ceiling wainscoting to just one of your walls, leaving the others plain and undecorated. This will instantly achieve a designer looking room that has style and taste, but without making it look too busy.

From a decorative point of view, wainscoting helps high ceiling rooms look less overwhelming as it visually breaks up large walls and give them a more “human” dimension. It also creates an opportunity to have two colors on your walls and have them look natural together. Add in the fact that wainscoting also has different useful functions, is cheap to install, plus you do not have to go through an arduous project to have it done, it is high time that you take advantage of this great wall treatment and make it your next home improvement!

14 Jul 2017

Building With Pressure Treated Wood

Building With Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure treated wood makes a great building product for a variety of home renovation projects. It can be used safely for all types of exterior projects around the house. Pressure treated wood is affordable, easy-to-maintain and provides a number of benefits for home projects.

What is Pressure Treated Wood?

Although pressure treated wood has been around for about 70 years, many people know little about it. Typically, a softwood lumber like pine, pressure treated wood has been chemically treated to resist fungal decay, wood rot and termite damage. Wooden boards are placed into large pressurized tanks where chemical preservatives are pumped deep into the wood’s fibers. This process creates a strong, durable wood product that’s ideal for exterior home renovation projects. It’s great for outdoor projects like building fences and decks, outdoor sheds, picnic tables, planters and children’s play equipment and swing sets.

The type and amount of chemical preservatives used on the wood directly affects the level resistance to rot and decay. If pressure treated lumber is stamped “Above Ground Use,” it should not touch the ground. It can be used safely for deck railings, fence caps, retaining walls caps, and other projects where the wood doesn’t touch the ground. If lumber is stamped “Ground Contact,” it can safely be placed directly on or in the ground without harm from rot or decay. To ensure that you’re choosing the right lumber for your project, check the board’s stamp or label. It shows a number that represents the minimum amount of preservative in the wood. The higher the number, the more rot-resistant the wood.

Are There Any Safety Concerns?

Since the 1940s, the main chemical used on pressure treated wood was chromate copper arsenate (CCA). Due to health and safety concerns, most industries stopped using this chemical for residential lumber in 2003. However, CCA is so effective as a preservative, it’s still used today for industrial and commercial projects. It’s commonly used on telephone poles by wood utility poles suppliers, commercial loading docks, shipping docks, pedestrian boardwalks, and various large-scale commercial projects.

Today, pressure treated lumber is chemically treated with a variety of inorganic chemicals rather than chromate copper arsenate. Although new chemicals are less toxic, levels of copper are much higher. Copper is highly corrosive, especially to aluminum, so manufacturers recommend galvanized or stainless-steel building parts when building projects with pressure treated wood.

12 Jul 2017

An Essential Checklist For Moving House

An Essential Checklist For Moving House

Nobody likes to move, as it is a major upheaval, and with so many things to organise, it can be a very stressful experience. The anxiety of watching your valuable items being manhandled by strangers, coupled with your concerns about the transit, and the fear that you have overlooked something, leads to a very stressful experience. If you are soon to relocate, here is a checklist to ensure that nothing is forgotten, and hopefully, you and your family will have a positive moving experience.

  • Source a Reliable Removal Company – This is the most important point of all, as once you have contracted a professional team of movers, they will take most of the stress and strain. If you live in the UK, Arrowpakare one of the best in the business as they have the resources to handle any relocation, at home or abroad. Enlisting the help of professionals ensures a smooth transition, and they would supply all the packing materials, and even do the packing if you prefer.
  • Confirm the Dates – Once you have made an agreement with the removal company, you would give then a provisional date for the move, and as the time approaches, you should confirm this date with the company, as very often dates must be changed, and in order to secure the vehicle and the team for that date, a confirmation is required.
  • Utilities – Your old dwelling will need the utilities turned off, and you would settle up at this point, so make contact with the relevant people in advance to facilitate this. The new property needs to be connected up and all the utilities working on the day you move in, which means talking to the gas, electric and water companies, not forgetting the telephone and Internet connections. If everything is done in advance, moving in will be more convenient, as everything is on tap, so to speak.
  • Essential Services – When you leave your old residence, don’t forget to cancel milk, newspapers, or any other service that normally delivers. If you’re relocating nearby, you can simply give them your new address, and the service can continue, otherwise the service must be terminated, and giving a fair amount of notice is the right thing to do.
  • Cleaning – One cannot leave the old home in a dirty condition, so after the removal team have loaded everything up, you should delegate a couple of your friends or family members to clean the house from top to bottom. It is common courtesy to leave a property in a clean condition, and make sure you have left nothing behind, even things you no longer want must be removed.
  • Keys – Both sets of keys need to be in your possession, and when you leave your old home, they keys will have to be handed over, and you will obviously need the keys to the new property, so make sure they are somewhere safe.

If you can comply with all of the above, the relocation project will be smooth and uneventful, and you and your family can start a new chapter in your life.

11 Jul 2017

7 Deck Railing Design Ideas

7 Deck Railing Design Ideas

Deck railings increase the level of safety and attractiveness that your deck can offer. Deck railings work to eliminate the chance of falling off a deck, which can lead to serious injuries.  Deck railings also help complete deck designs.

Deck railings can be crafted from a number of materials. Utilising the same material as your deck, in your railing create a consistent and natural feel. While blending different materials into a single design allows a deck area to create a more upscale and personalised atmosphere. There are no ÒrightÓ or ÒwrongÓ answers when design a deck railing system. Ideas that support your budgets while incorporating your design preferences and the desired deck atmosphere can all come together to create your perfect deck railing system.

If you are not sure where to start or are in need of inspiration consider these 7 custom deck railing design ideas. For more information, contact a professional deck railing design contractor. With years of expertise in local markets, contactors can provide or discuss ideas about ideal railing styles, materials, permit requirements and so much more.

Wood Rails

Natural, elegant and cost-effective, pure wood railings are a classic railing design option. 2×4 inch top rails. 2×2 inch pickets and 4×4 inch posts can quickly come together with a variety of wood types to create a great design. Logwood options are also available for cabins and rustic decks. Woods are prone to damage, though many contain natural oils and or can be covered and treated to increase the durability of the railing system.

Deck Board Top Rails

When a wood deck is painted a solid and often somewhat bold colour, the top rail of the railing system can often be made of the deck boards. This creates a consistent and eye-catching design. White pickets or glass panels work well to help extenuate this design option.

Glass Pickets

Glass railings are commonly made with 3-7 foot glass panels held by aluminum or wood posts. Though an innovative option with glass panels are to install shortened pieces to act as glass pickets. These railings can still utilise wood and aluminum posts, though have several glass pickets between rather than large single panels.

Classic Aluminum

Aluminum is becoming an increasingly more popular railing material amongst Canadian homeowners. Alumninum is highly customisable and durable, though requires very little maintenance. A classic aluminum railings a great option for anyone in need of a highly practical, clean and attractive railing design.

Cable Railings

Cable railings are innovative, attractive and upscale. These railings create a sleek design that is best used with metallic railing bannisters and posts. This railing style is effective for incorporating more durable materials than glass while proving very limited view obstructions. These railings can work well to compliment modern furniture, though can be difficult to install. It is never recommended to attempt DIY cable railing installations.

Lattice & Wind Walls

Two common complaints about deck spaces are that they are windy and offer limited privacy. Though with the installation of raised lattice on your deck railing, neighbours and or walk-by traffic will not see completely through the crosshatched material. Raised and it tinted glass can also be effective for making decks more private. Raised glass is referred to as a wind wall, as the raised structure blocks wind from disturbing your deck experience.

Wood & Aluminum Blends

Wood and aluminum work well together as they offer a natural and yet upscale feel, that is truly personalised. A fully aluminum railing can seem too Òman-madeÓ for some deck designs. A wood deck railing helps promote a relaxed and natural feel. Though, with aluminum pickets, your wood railing can become much longer lasting than a purely wooden system with small wood pickets.

08 Jul 2017

The Benefits Of Concrete Over Asphalt

The Benefits Of Concrete Over Asphalt

A basic concrete driveway is about the same cost compared to an asphalt driveway, give or take a couple hundred pounds, and this alone might be the only thing stopping some homeowners from having a new driveway installed. However, concrete can last much longer and take much more use than asphalt, making it the most cost-effective long-term choice you could make for your next home improvement project. Concrete ready to mix and prepared right on site will ensure you never need to worry about a serious problem caused by the concrete setting too early in the truck, and should look better than asphalt in the long run.


On average, a concrete driveway will live ten years longer than an asphalt driveway, making it the more cost-effective option when you consider the simplicity of maintenance added to this fact. Once you take the time to complete your driveway, even if you install decorative aspects in the design, you will have saved money before you need to replace it. With asphalt driveways, potholes can develop during the 20 years of its lifespan, causing you to lose more of your money over time to repairs and maintenance.


Asphalt driveways require you to seal them once a year to keep the elements from breaking up and otherwise damaging the surface. Freeze and thaw cycles are especially damaging to asphalt if it is not properly sealed and kept protected, meaning you have more to deal with in terms of keeping your property looking great during poor weather conditions. Ready mix concrete in Hendon is not so picky in that you can have a professional lay it down, and then all you have to do is keep it clean over the course of its lifetime.

If you want your concrete to look the same as the day you installed it over the years, consider having it pressure washed every few years. This will remove any stains, stuck on substances such as chewing gum, and other problems that might detract from its otherwise beautiful appearance. Since pressure washing is not rough enough or powerful enough to cause damage to concrete, you can use this to clean without worrying about wearing your concrete surfaces down.


Concrete, unlike asphalt, can be dyed to nearly any colour and laid down to look absolutely spectacular, which will allow you to truly make your property stand out from those around it. If you have a family crest, a particular fondness for a certain colour, or just want your driveway to match the style and look of your whole property, it is possible for you to make that happen using concrete as your medium. It can also be formed into a wide range of structures around the home, including sidewalks, platforms, and much more so you can truly make the most of your property.

If you have a large piece of land, you could even create a path leading those through the best aspects of your property. With concrete, the options are limited only by your budget and imagination.

06 Jul 2017

The Benefits Of Same Day Skip Hire

The Benefits Of Same Day Skip Hire

Many homeowners know whenever they will have a large mess on the property, such as after having a home extension built onto the side of the existing home. However, many messes can occur without warning, leaving you with much to remove and little time in which to do it without the help of a great skip hire service. There are many benefits to choosing a company capable of providing a skip the moment that you need it, especially if the curb appeal of your neighbourhood would be affected by a pile of debris and rubbish left sitting on your lawn while you wait for the proper removal equipment.

Same Day

Few things are as beneficial as having same day delivery of your skip hire, especially if you are in a hurry to remove the debris left over from a difficult project on your property. The construction of a granny flat, a loft conversion, yard renovations, and much more can produce much more rubbish than you might be able to accurately predict, leaving you with no choice but to hire fast removal services. Same day skip hire in Doncaster will ensure that the leftovers of a project are never left on your property for longer than necessary, giving your neighbours nothing to complain about after you complete the project for your home.


Skip hire is necessary because leaving a pile of rubbish on your property can quickly become a safety hazard due to sharps of glass, scraps of leftover metal, and other materials that could potentially cause harm. Children are especially curious by nature and may cause harm to themselves if left alone with a pile of debris to explore. Rather than allowing this to happen, you could simply hire a skip to arrive on your property the same day that you call or visit the online site to help you remove the rubbish.


The professionals who send you the skip you hire and then come to take it away will arrive as quickly as Doncaster traffic will allow, meaning that you will never be forced to spend time out of your busy day just to get started. One of the benefits of having the skip right away is that you will not need to take any additional time away from work or other duties to ensure the job of cleaning up is complete. This will ensure that you receive the most benefits and save the most time possible, regardless of the scope of your project.


Skips come in various sizes and shapes to ensure that you can reduce the amount of time needed to remove all of your rubbish, even if you have a large amount of it to remove. If you have no choice but to hire more than one skip, you can simply call on the right company to have both skips brought on the same day you order them. If you suspect that you will need two, it may be a better decision to hire a skip that is larger in size, especially since that will save money in the end.

05 Jul 2017

For The Love Of Granite

For The Love Of Granite

Companies such as Granite Supply want to see your kitchen worktops made to your unique specifications, and they are happy to explain just why granite is so desirable. Once available only to those with significant budgets for home improvements, granite and other natural stone materials are now more affordable than ever, and the many benefits of these materials quickly return your investment. Not only do these countertops high quality and long-lasting, but no two are the same because they are cut directly from the earth, where nearly all things are random by nature.

However, there are some benefits to choosing granite that you may not have considered, and any of these can quickly make it clear that granite is the best choice. After all, beautiful worktops not only improve the appearance of a kitchen; they also make using the kitchen easier, increase productivity, and significantly improve efficiency within the space. Whenever you need to feed a home full of people, the more you can do to ease your experience, the more enjoyment you will get out of cooking.


Although some people remain in a home for several generations, it is becoming more and more common for new generations to move frequently. Many children have lived in two or more new homes by the time of their sixteenth birthday, and this trend may only become more common in Chelmsford and other areas. Granite worktops in Chelmsford are highly attractive to potential buyers, and Granite Supply is a company happy to help you find the highest quality choices currently on the market.

When selling your home, the fact that you have such a long-lived, beautiful, and durable material for your kitchen worktops will make moving simpler, whether you plan to move just across Chelmsford or out of town. You should also see a marked increase in your home’s value, allowing you the opportunity to increase your profit when selling the property. Since granite is a material that will last a lifetime, real estate agents often place homes with such worktops at the top of the advertisement list.


Granite is made entirely of materials found in nature, significantly reducing the amount of time and energy needed to bring it from the quarry to your home. Today, more and more individuals and businesses want to “go green” and reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Using granite is environmentally safe, and since there is so much variation in colour, pattern, and more, you will never need to worry about any of your neighbours having the same countertops, even if they choose the same material.


Speaking of unique and beneficial, granite is a material formed over long periods of time all over the world, and no two cuts are the same. Compare it for a moment to the grain found inside wood, and how each tree has a unique and interesting pattern within its structure that started the day it first sprouted from its seed. The same is true of granite during its slow and steady creation, meaning you can truly enjoy these unique and eye-catching worktops.

03 Jul 2017

Preventing Chemicals In The Home Is Easier With These Simple Tips

Preventing Chemicals In The Home Is Easier With These Simple Tips

The task of preventing chemicals in the home should not be as complicated or problematic as in the case of pollution prevention on a large and global scale. After all, we have full control over the products we buy and the intelligence we use to protect out homes.

Although chemicals in the home only start out with exposing your family and household to simple infections and problems such as nasal congestion, serious allergies and health problems may also be triggered. There are chemicals and pollutants in everything from the water we drink to canned foods, perfumes and shower curtains. Removing all these harmful agents can be a great way to not only increase your health short term, but also adopt healthier long term lifestyle changes.

Toxins and VOC

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are chemicals that can be found in paint, plywood, carpets and even cigarettes or air fresheners. Minimizing these substances will not only improve your overall health and prevent the aforementioned problems, but also act as a viable preventive measure for the future.

To get rid of VOC substances before they even become a problem, you can start working on improving the ventilation in your home, get solid wood furniture instead of pressed wood, avoid high humidity levels by using a reliable dehumidifier, and keep your doors and windows open more often. You can even reduce VOCs by simply avoiding smoking inside the house.

There are other toxins you have to work on eliminating as well. Some of these are not just present in your home, but also in your garden. They can be often transported inside the house by children and pets playing outside or even by grownups with a green thumb.

To avoid these issues, talk to your lawn service, and make sure the fertilizing products and pesticides they use are as harmless as possible, containing fewer chemicals.

Keeping Your Water Clean

The water you use inside your home can contain some of the most harmful compounds, including E. coli, chlorine, lead and other substances that you definitely don’t want in your house. These contaminants can even be present when the water quality is overall good, so taking a few precautions and filtering your drinking water can be extremely important for your health and the health of your family.

The first step is to choose natural cleaning solutions such as lemon and vinegar, as well as baking soda. It’s also essential to avoid the use of products that contain harsh chemicals and can not only cause infections and other health issues, but also contaminate local rivers and lakes when you wash them down the drain.

Microfiber cloths, chemical-free laundry detergent and environmentally friendly cleaning products for cleaning your home and floors can also assist you in preventing chemicals in the home and keeping everyone in your household healthy, while keeping pollution at bay as well.

03 Jul 2017

A Granite Worktop Will Help Keep You Productive

A Granite Worktop Will Help Keep You Productive

If you want to stay productive and use a workspace that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, granite is a great choice. This type of natural stone material offers an elegant look that is hard to surpass. Most worktop spaces in kitchens use granite because of its durability and good looks.

Granite also withstands most abuses when used in a kitchen design. Not only is the material resistant to scratches, it is also resilient to stains. However, you need to make sure the material is sealed when it is installed to enjoy this added layer of protection.

Fire Up the Burner – Granite Will Not Scorch

You do not have to worry about damaging granite either if you are cooking. Go ahead – fire up the burner and toss down the frying pan on your granite surface. Granite is not affected by heat. However, when using knives to prepare food, it is best to use a cutting board. Using your knife on a granite countertop will dull the blade. So, if you want to maintain the sharpness of your knives, you cannot use them directly on this type of natural stone.

A Worthwhile Investment

You will find that installed granite worktops in Romford will not lose their value, and therefore are designed to last. Romford, which is located in East London, features many premium listed properties that demonstrate the value of granite. That is why granite is often the top choice for adding to the attractiveness and functionality of a kitchen or bathroom in this influential part of London. This type of product is featured by such companies as Granite Supply in the UK.

100% Bacteria-free

Granite has found a place in estate residences as well as upscale urban dwellings because it is offered in various shades of colour. In order to choose the right hues for your home, talk to a fabricator. Plus, consider this – you can use granite for over a decade and it will still retain its looks. You simply cannot tell if this stone is old or new. Many homeowners also like the fact that granite is hygienic. You do not have to worry about the cleanliness of this type of stone, as it is almost 100% bacteria-free.

An Easy-to-maintain Material

That means you do not have to spend much time cleaning a granite countertop. All you need to do is clean the counter with a mild soap and warm water to keep it looking polished and pristine. Whilst granite is often featured in estate and highly-priced homes, it is also perfect for homeowners who are on a budget. The easy access to raw materials and the increased number of fabricators in the industry makes it possible for homeowners in a variety of properties to install this stone building material.

All in all, granite is a family-friendly material for either the kitchen or the bathroom. If you have small children who want to assist you in the kitchen, granite can withstand any spills or mishaps. The surface also is made to be flat. So, rolling out dough is easy when the countertop is made of granite. Review the selections online today at sites like Granite Supply before heading to a retailer to get swatches for your refurbishment.