31 Oct 2017

How To Decorate A Temple Space In Your Room

How To Decorate A Temple Space In Your Room

Are you thinking about putting a temple room in your home? Well, then there are a number of designs that you can take recourse to if you want to try out something else other than the traditional. In fact, you can spruce up your temple room in ways that you could not even imagine before.

If you do not want to go into a lot of trouble for planning the decoration of a unique temple room, then you can always take the help of a well-known temple design firm. Make sure that they are recommended by customers who have availed their services before. If you want to do it on your own or provide the design firm with some unique inputs, then here are some interesting temple decor ideas that you can always fall back on:

  1. If there is a dearth of space in your home and you can only allocate one small corner for your idols then it is best to get a small temple home where you can keep your idols. These temple houses are beautifully crafted to look like miniature temples. Opt for the ones that come with a storage space where you will be able to keep all that you need for worship on a daily basis. Place this small miniature temple home on a flat stool and add a nice light above it to have a beautifully decorated temple corner of your own.
  2. If you have an entire wall space to decorate your temple, then you can hang a nice big circle fitted with lights within it and place the idols on a beautifully carved platform. Keep the lights white if you have marble statues. You can also keep a small cupboard by the side, inside which you can keep all your tools for worship and other necessary items for your temple. You can keep diyas on two sides and light them daily.
  3. In case you have an entire room for your temple, then there are numerous ways in which you can decorate it. Just make sure that you do not clutter the room with too many idols or photos and keep the walls free. Paint them nicely and keep a hanging light so that the light of the Lord shines brightly. You can also use big three tier Pradip for decoration purposes and hang a bell in the room if you want.
  4. Temple cupboards are very much in trend these days and this is what most temple design service that you hire will opt for if there is a dearth of space. While on the middle two rows you keep your idols, there is an extended platform from these rows on which you can make your offerings. The other shelves are mostly used for storage purposes.
  5. And lastly, if your apartment is really small and you want to keep it as homely as possible, then take a large tray, drape it with a nice cloth, keep your idol on it and on a bowl place a floating candle and some flower petals.

From small to large, these are some easy to execute temple design ideas that will surely look good in any home.

23 Oct 2017

4 Home Interior Design Trends You Need To Follow In 2017!

4 Home Interior Design Trends You Need To Follow In 2017!

The interior of a house is a haven for those living there. Homes usually need a cozy interior, but also one that would impress those coming in from outside. This is why it is important to follow the latest interior design trends. An outdated interior could become monotonous and depressing very easily.

However, interior design could be difficult to figure out. It is also not the cheapest of trends to keep up with. Hence, we’ve compiled a few trends from the past year below which could help you transform your living space:

  1. ‘Out’ With The Plain, ‘In’ With The Colors

Interiors that are plain white, gray, or beige are not really trending anymore. Sure, they’re natural shades, but everyone needs some color in their life. Plus, decisions of any kind would always show up against beautiful shades of green, brown, or even black. This doesn’t mean you have to paint the whole roon in such heavy colors. One wall or two would be enough to radically change your surroundings.

The key here is not to be afraid of coloring your walls. Every home should have bright and cheerful interiors, especially in the fall and winter. Plus, painting a couple of walls wouldn’t break the bank.

  1. Marble Accessorizing

Let’s face it; marbled walls coupled with marble flooring are on their way out. So it’s time to tone down the marbling in every nook and corner, and go for a ‘less is more’ philosophy. Marble countertops and tiles are a classic, but be sure not to have matching walls or décor too close by them.

If you love marble elements in your house, though, you can have them! Some beautiful lamps with a marble base or a couple of vases would be an excellent and sophisticated choice. However, if you’re not too particular about this material, it’s better to go for the more earthy stuff. Wooden, clay and metal objects with a weathered look are among the trending items this year.

  1. Mixed Pieces

Everything matching is simply not the way to go. It is not only impractical, since some pieces simply would not go in every corner, but also monotonous. Even if you have a starting themes, such as a certain time period, don’t be too strict about it. Instead, mix and match whenever you can. just because they are from the same family of décor doesn’t mean they always go together.

For instance, a huge rocking chair could be a statement piece in a prominent corner of the living room. it could look very impressive with its dark mahogany and warm velvet cushions. However, having sofas and chairs to match this one piece is going to darken everything. Plus, it would take away attention from a truly gorgeous piece. Hence, it would be better to let the rocking chair have its own spot, and the other furniture more practical for everyday use.

  1. Home Will Be More Cozy

With the extremely busy lives we lead today, home is where we need to flop down and relax. Even if we work from home, like offering online dissertation help, we need to have our downtime.

However, cozying up the house just isn’t enough. There are simply too many devices distracting us at any given time. and no, lying down with your phone and constantly scrolling is not a way to unwind. In fact, it makes your body even more tired.

This is why modern homes are looking more and more towards having places to unplug. This could be achieved by draping of a corner or even just the bed. Make the sanctuary as beautiful as possible. Comfy chairs, cushions with deep colors, and soft rugs complete the nook. This could be a great place for disconnecting and simply enjoying yourself with a good old book.

Alternatively, it could be an excellent retreat for catching up when a friend comes over. Make it a rule to let no devices come into that special space. You’d be surprised at how much more you would enjoy yourself!


The above interior design trends are by no means set in stone. They are, however, a guideline to setting up your house in the best possible manner. The coming year, invest in a few good pieces of home décor and wow your guests with your good taste! At the same time, make sure you remain true to your own instincts and personality.

13 Oct 2017

How To Make Your Home Beautiful Without Money?

How To Make Your Home Beautiful Without Money?

A new home is an opportunity to make your each and every dream into a reality. Whether you’re tired of your old home or you’re planning to purchase a new one, it is imperative to learn some techniques to give a charm.

In this post, we’re sharing techniques that will help you to make your home more beautiful without any financial burden. Check out the information shared in the below passage to amaze everyone with your new home even in a tight budget.

  • Buy New Furniture From Sale

Furniture is the most important component of home decoration. Therefore, you should wisely choose new furniture from the special offer or discounted store, if you want to get a fresh look.

Even if you have been using the same furniture from many years, then this is the right time to bring something new and refreshing that will enhance the environment of your home.

Keep in mind to choose comfortable furniture that will suit with the colors of your room. Don’t be afraid to try something unique to show your choice to everyone.

  • Use Affordable Decorative Items

When it comes to home decoration, it’s essential for you to buy some affordable stuff to inspire everyone. Figure out the empty spaces of your house and fill it up with decorative items rather than using heavy stuff like the dining table or sofa set.

Look for things that you could easily put on your entertainment system or shelves to hold the attention like essay writing services do. In this way, you could easily décor your home without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Paint Your Walls

The very first thing that you will need to consider to give a fresh look in your new home is your home wall color. If you live in a rented home, so you can take the permission of your owner to use this option.

By doing this, you’ll be able to paint the walls in your house and quickly freshen up the look of your living space. Make sure to choose a color that will fit with your personality. Try to consider a golden yellow or bright green to give a calm and peaceful look.

Don’t be afraid to choose colors of your choice to spread your thoughts in your home.

Additionally, you can also use different bright colors to paint each room of your living space with a different color.

  • Hang Up Some Frames

Nothing will refresh your home environment like the way some wall frame will do. Ensure to fill the walls of your room with artwork, prints, and posters that will easily grab the attention.

Don’t invest on expensive artwork and prints instead use nature photography, paintings, your favorite quotes or your family photos that will match with the sizes of your frame.

This way you could easily save a plenty amount of money as well as bring some creativity in your house. So make sure to hang up some frames on your new home wall to give a fresh look.

09 Oct 2017

Light For Your Kitchen: 5 Types Of Kitchen Pendant Lights You Should Know

Light For Your Kitchen: 5 Types Of Kitchen Pendant Lights You Should Know

Most people tend to choose kitchen lights for their functional use. For example, a particular type of kitchen light can aid you in chopping fruits and veggies and other kitchen activities. But that does not mean you cannot use kitchen lights for both functional and decorative purposes.

It does not mean that your only option is to buy a fluorescent panel that reminds you of your college dormitory. Nowadays, there are many styles and designs of lights that you can choose from to provide both illumination and decoration for your kitchen. Example of this are the various types of kitchen pendant lights.

Pendant lights can be the center attraction in your kitchen and an essential lighting fixture to help you with your day-to-day task and so much more. Here are different types, styles, and designs of kitchen pendant lights that will surely suit your needs and aesthetic sensibility.

Cute Mini Pendant Lights

For sure, you have heard about or seen mini pendant lights hung in a kitchen area. They are those types of pendant lights elegantly suspended in the air in groups because they are smaller than other types of pendants.

Mini pendant lights are an excellent choice because they do not overwhelm the kitchen’s skyline. Not only that they are great as a task light for food preparation and other kitchen activities, but they are also fun and cute to watch when hung in clusters at various heights over your kitchen island.

Unique Drum Pendant Lights

If you do not want the size of mini pendant lights, you can place a light source with a cylindrical shade called drum pendant lights. Drum pendants have various sizes and materials. There are glass, fabric, glass, and crystal drum pendant lights and they are typically larger than most pendant light designs.

Drum pendants are not the usual choice for most homeowners, but they can surely offer a touch of uniqueness and elegance to your kitchen. The drum shade sometimes includes an added design that elevates the style of the light source.

Charming Globe Pendant Lights

Globe pendant lights have a spherical housing covering the bulb. It is one of the most popular kitchen pendant lights that provide an ambient lighting in almost all directions in a kitchen. It radiates more of a glow than a visible beam of light on a specific spot. There are a lot of reputable sites like LampTwist that offer high-quality globe pendant lights for your kitchen.

Eye-Catching Teardrop Pendant Lights

Well, as its name suggests, teardrop pendant lights are teardrop-shaped. You can see this type of pendant lights typically suspended in clusters, as they tend to be smaller. They can either be open or closed in design.

For example, an open teardrop pendant light looks like an overturned wine glass, while closed ones have no lip and the light source are glass-covered. Open teardrop pendants are excellent for spotlighting as they have an illumination directly downside.

Fabulous Bowl Pendant Lights

Bowl pendant lights are a common type of lighting for a kitchen area. You can see its light source hung in a bowl-shaped shade either pointing up or down. The standard, with an opening of shade pointing below, is an excellent choice if you want to direct light to a specific spot.

The other one, with the opening of the shade directed upwards, is useful in providing light to the whole kitchen area. There are also large-sized bowl pendants if you want to make a statement in your kitchen area.


Kitchen lights are essential fixture to consider for a variety of reasons. Aside from their practicality in aiding us in preparing our food and other kitchen duties, they can also be an excellent accessory that can add style to our kitchen area.

Example of the type of lighting that can both provide illumination and style is kitchen pendant lights. Thus, it is essential that we know of the different designs of kitchen pendant lights and their various uses.

05 Oct 2017

Looking For The Best Buy: Things To Consider When Buying Teak Outdoor Furniture

Looking For The Best Buy: Things To Consider When Buying Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak has been a favorite material for outdoor furnishings because of its durability and warm color. Also, its high content of oil and natural rubber is Nature’s gift for weatherproofing. For example, it ensures that your furniture will have a longer lifespan as it is suitable for protection against water, insects, and decay.

Teak is not only known for its durability, but teak is also easy to maintain, eco-friendly, and beautiful to look at as outdoor furniture. For sure, a small investment will provide you a lifetime of satisfaction and enjoyment when you choose teak for your outdoor area.

No matter how perfect teak is as furniture for your outdoor living space, you will not regret going through the buying process with the right information. You still need to read various reviews and tips about this excellent material for your outdoor furniture.

For you to learn more about teak, here are some things you need to know before buying one.

Know the Price

Looking For The Best Buy: Things To Consider When Buying Teak Outdoor Furniture

As teak furniture is a sought-after outdoor furnishing, it also drives the price of the material to go up high. Thus, it is important to know the range of prices before going to a furniture shop.

For a medium-sized table and chairs, the price ranges from $150 to $200 US dollars. For a complete outdoor dining set, it can go as high as  $1,000 to $1,500 US dollars.

Machine-Made or Handmade?

Looking For The Best Buy: Things To Consider When Buying Teak Outdoor Furniture

Machine-made teak furniture is the best so far. It is because each component and parts of the furniture have a perfect fit. This perfect fit guarantees the strength and ensures the durability of the furniture as it is composed of tenon and mortise joints and do not rely on glue to hold the parts together.

Due to major investments in technology, machine-made teak furniture is quite expensive. Nevertheless, you will not regret paying for the price. For machine-made teak furniture, you can browse sites like Focus on Furniture.

Handmade teak furniture, on the other hand, brings back romantic notions of a “natural material made by natural hands.” Workers and carpenters do handmade production for teak furniture. The good thing about this is that you as a buyer can request to put your design and style of the furniture.

Consider the Different Grades of Teak

Grade A Teak

This grade of teak uses mature heartwood part of the teak timber. It is close-grained, rich in protective oils, and has a warm honey color. Burmese Grade A teak comprises a straight grain while Indonesian teak contains a distinct curvy grain. Grade A teak makes up 20-25% of a mature log. So, you will find them quite expensive to purchase than the other grades. But, you can assure durability that can last a lifetime.

Grade B Teak

Grade B teak utilizes the semi-mature outer heartwood of the teak timber. It has a dull color, less shiny, and uneven grain. It makes up between 25-35% of a mature teak log and not as oily as the Grade A.

Grade C Teak

While the first two grades use heartwood, Grade C teak covers usage of sapwood from the external parts of the teak log. This section of the wood delivers water and minerals to the crown of the teak tree. Hence, it is softer than the heartwood, with a dark color and patchy grain. It also lacks protective oil content that makes the material shiny and durable.

Grade C teak is very affordable concerning its price because it is known as an inferior grade.

Don’t Buy Chemically Treated Teak

Some teak furniture is chemically treated with a toxic sulphuric acid to smooth out the uneven surface of the material and to create a more uniform color. This chemical is harmful and can cause respiratory problems when inhaled.

Another type of chemical used in treating teak is hydrogen peroxide which creates the appearance of a low-grade teak. This kind of chemical will decrease the moisture of the wood that causes brittleness. To spot chemically treated teak furniture, look for the suspicious dark color and pieces that do not contain any grain.


Teak furniture is a great option for your outdoor living spaces. It is an excellent choice because it is eco-friendly, durable, and useful for any activities you do in your outdoor area. Thus, it is essential that you know what things to consider before buying a teak furniture.