24 Jan 2018

Achieve Spacious Kitchen Without Compromising On The Storage!

Achieve Spacious Kitchen Without Compromising On The Storage!


The kitchen can be the most cluttered and cramped room of a small house. It’s only fair for it to be chaotic as it is the busiest and most jumbled place in any house. A massive amount of pots and pantry not only causes clutter but also becomes a storage tragedy.

Modern kitchen means broad floor space, high ceilings, less clutter and minimal and sleek design. As much as it is appealing, it can be really daunting to achieve that kitchen in a lifestyle magazine! Many times, people steer clear of the modern spacious designs thinking it would cause severe storage problems for your kitchen.

This post here is to provide you tips and ideas to maximize your space along with maximum storage.

I assure you, it is not a contrary concept.

Shallow Cabinets

No, shallow cabinets do not mean less storage space. Actually, they mean more space and easy storage. Let’s face it! Nobody uses the far end of a huge deep cabinet, we tend to use the front most part of our deepest cabinets on daily basis. Only the most unnecessary, inoperative, impractical, and oldest utensils or pottery sit at the back of the cabinets. I understand you might have an emotional attachment to it or you only use them on very specific occasions.

Well, here’s an honest tip, get rid of it! (At least from your accessible and daily functioning cabinets).

Instead, get some shallow cabinets. It is easier to cut the clutter with them. You only keep things that are necessary for specific cabinets. Things also become easily accessible as there will be no extra space for your saucepan to roam about in. Another biggest advantage for shallow cabinets is bigger floor space.

In short, shallow cabinets help you more than deeper ones, get them installed and get half of your clutter and space problems solved.

Reduce Upper Cabinets

As discussed above, big and deep cabinets can be a waste of space and a cause of clutter; even more so, if they are upper cabinets. There’s nothing more tormenting then getting a stool to reach that large upper cabinet with the capacity to keep your pet. Things get lost in it; you struggle to reach it, you fail, you get aggressive, you get a stool and then you burn all your food! It would be a lot easier if; either the cabinets were lower and shallower or there were none!

Yes, I’m talking about reducing your cabinets in size and removing some of them. In place of the spice cabinet or your daily use crockery, you can install floating shelves on the wall. It suddenly makes your space look bigger and more appealing. Plus, daily cooking and eating become easier as well.

In summary, shelves are accessible, easier to clean and maintain, helps you avoid clutter and helps your kitchen looks modern, sleek and spacious.

Clear the counters

Counters are the first thing you see when you enter a kitchen, the first thing you clean in the morning and first thing that gets dirty after a minute of cleaning it. They play a massive part in making your kitchen look neat and spacious. If there is clutter on your counters, the size of your cabinets will not matter, of course. One of the biggest mistake people make while maintaining a kitchen is keeping the machinery on the counters.

One word, don’t!

Keep your blenders, choppers, and mixers in the cabinets where it is easier to access them or you can designate a shelf for them as well, depending on your use and choice. If not all, at least keep the most of them away from your counter.

A clear, neat and clutter free counter is all it takes to make your kitchen look spacious and modern.

Tones and Lights

Colour and lighting are crucial for interior designing. Like every other room, light and tones of colors make or break the character and appearance of the room. A kitchen is a lively place, the first active place we visit in the morning is our kitchen. A kitchen must be a place that wakes us up, motivates us to eat healthily and energizes us for the rest of the day. While our eyes are minds sleep in dark rooms and dimmed lights after a long day of work, only a sharp light can wake us up. However, to help you sleep better get assignment writing services UK.

If you have a big window in your kitchen that allows bright sunlight into the room, you are lucky! Embrace it!

If you are not lucky enough to have a big window, you are at least lucky that we have a wide variety of bright light fixtures in this world.

Utilise natural light by allowing the light to pass through or install lighting fixtures in your kitchen. Make sure they are small and sleek as huge lamps and massive chandeliers also make rooms look small and jumbled. Opt for bright powered bulbs in your fixtures that could (almost) substitute the light of the sun.

Moreover, while painting your kitchen, go for lighter neutral tones. These tones make every space more spacious and lively. Different shades of white, grey, and brown are the perfect combinations to achieve a spacious and modern looking kitchen. Along with sleek chrome faucets, handles and matching lamps, your kitchen would look put together and less chaotic. A touch of bright colors in the form of succulents, fake flowers, fruit baskets, and paintings will also add that ‘oomph’ factor into the design of your kitchen.

15 Jan 2018

ECO-Interior: Design Your Room In Eco-Style For Cheap

ECO-Interior: Design Your Room In Eco-Style For Cheap

What do you like to do on vacation? The most of people are busy in their offices. That is why they like to spend their vacation outside, on nature. Even if you have few days, you can spend them wisely and feel yourself with life energy and peace. So, why don’t you take a piece of nature to your interior? How about the idea to fill in your house with positive boost? You can do that with the help of nature interior, so-called eco-interior. Eco style was firstly created to save urban citizens from their city life, high speed rhythm, negative and tension. What is more, eco style boasts many other advantages you should know.

The main its characteristics are natural materials, simple lines and forms. Eco design is a new and popular tendency. This is also a big necessity for city people to forget about their urban landscapes and fill the house with natural, eco-clean items and accessories and refresh your interior with the help of simple and money-saving measures. Here are some practical variants to make your house eco-friendly.

Two boxes of green wine bottles


If you need to create eco-style in your house interior, you should take colors from nature. It is not recommended to use bright acid colors and their combinations. The best and the most popular variant for your room color is green. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to make your room dark and gloomy, you should pick fair furniture, textile and accessories. You may also use such natural colors as wooden, sandy, white, beige, blue, grassy, brown, black, light yellow and others. Just try to pick the colors as you can meet them in nature.


It is impossible to create eco-interior without plants. So, if you want to make your room stylish, fresh, comfortable, try to use at least one bright plant in it. If you use plants and flowers, they are also useful for health. Just keep the golden mid and don’t make a big Botanic garden in your room.


Of course, eco-style supposes to use natural materials. It can be high quality wood, natural stones, glass, ceramic tiles. Wooden is the most important material to use. This is the first characteristics of eco-style. So, the wooden materials are often used to make a floor and ceiling, furniture and other elements.

Brentano - Ostro, Mistral & Sirocco - Back To Basics Collection - Spring 2012

Natural Decoration

Picking the right furniture style, pay much attention to materials, forms and nature of what you want to buy. The simple and primitive forms of tables, beds, chairs and armchairs make your room interior closer to eco-style. Using natural textiles, you may also make your room eco-friendly. Thus, interior may be decorated with cotton or linen draperies, bamboo shutters, woolen blanket, textile napkins. Covering your floor with natural carpet, you can feel that nature comes to your house.

You can make a composition of stones, shells, herbs and other natural materials. It is not difficult. You can turn any log into a beautiful vase in eco-style. You may also use different chests, baskets, rattan furniture, ceramic and glassy plates and bowls, vases, woolen carpets, linen and cotton textile. Natural colors and arts on the textile, carpets and covers are available. But don’t use pictures for all surfaces.


Photo wallpapers with natural pictures are in trend. You can find interesting compositions and landscapes, photo sets. The main thing is creating natural interior.


The lights must be intensive, close to the natural lights. It is great to have a big window in the room. The lamps are soft and yellow. You may also use LED-lamps. If you want to get more lights in your room, you can make your walls and ceiling light colors.

Decorated wooden table

Eco Style in Different Rooms

Don’t clutter your room space with different furniture. If you want to make your interior in eco style, the walls must be smooth and clean, the furniture must be represented only with stuff you need, the windows are decorated with light airy draperies. Remember that eco-style interior must be flexible, plain and unpressing, penetrating with air and freedom.

Save Your Money

The wooden floor may be no the expensive high quality hardwood, but wooden boards or laminated wood. It is much cheaper. Of course, the cheapest variant is using parquet board. You don’t need special instruments to lock them all and make your floor natural and eco-friendly. What about the walls? You may use paper or bamboo wallpapers or just paints and brushes. You can color your walls as you want and draw something on it. You can draw a tree, flowers or grass to make your wall pictures soft and neutral.

Speaking about plants in the room, this is time for you to decide. It is not difficult to get a competent consultation online about what plants you can grow and what conditions they need to be grown well. Think about your kitchen space. What a favorable space you have to plant aromatic herbs: lavender, basil, celery. Of course, you can use these herbs for cooking. You may also grow vegetables and use them for dinner.

Herb box

If you want to get the best example of eco-friendly interior, you can check all big cities of the USA. All of them have hotels and eco-friendly houses. There is one special and impressive place in Florida. You should use car rental under 21 Florida and go somewhere to the direction of Key Largo. Jules’ Undersea Lodge. This is a unique place for all eco tourists. The hotel is situated on the park territory under the water, 6 meters deep. There are no many suits there, just six. But the guests come again and again at least for few days. The view is really impressive!

To get there you have to climb down the underwater ladder. What is more, you need special equipment to move and breathe under water. There is a wet room to take shower and the hotel rooms that are eco-friendly. So, switch on your imagination and make your home roomy, light and natural.

13 Jan 2018

Why Solid Plastering Is Useful For Homes?

Why Solid Plastering Is Useful For Homes?

Everybody likes solid plastering as it comes with several advantages. People who want to make the house durable prefer plaster as they last for a very long time. Weak structure may not survive and would adversely impact the overall resale value of the homes. It is also important to know that the ceiling, kitchen and other areas of the house is made of sturdy materials.

One of the best techniques:

Solid plastering is known to incorporate the best rendering technique that can transform the coarse wall into a fine textured structure. Plastering is essential to impart excellent finishing to homes. Even after a long time they remain unfazed and do not wither away.

The technique involves the application of the plaster along with the paint to attract the attention of the people. Single coating of the former ensures the prevention of wear and tear. After the application, the wall or the ceiling is sealed and does not allow the moisture to percolate inside the house.

Water proofing is the key for homes:

 Water proofing is the key for homes because regular accumulation of moisture can play havoc with the structure. Solid plaster creates an ambience of insulation and it goes a long way in delivering sterling results to the users. Lack of moisture also eliminates the occurrences of the molds inside the walls. People do not have to drain water from the ceiling as the plaster prevents its accumulation.

Epitome of decoration:

While plastering the wall can easily create new textures and design make sure to consult the vendor about the solid plastering pattern. He or she can provide advises and suggestions to enhance the appearance of the room. It is important to select the theme and ensure that it complements the appearance of the furniture and the surrounding ambience of the house.

Resistant to fire:

Application of the plaster helps to ward off the instances of fire inside the room. It helps to comply with the fire safety regulations. Regarded as an insulator, the material forms the backbone of the house for a very long time.

Acoustic advantages:

Why Solid Plastering Is Useful For Homes?

How many times do people get annoyed with the noises on the street coming directly to the home? It actually robs the privacy of the homeowner but using solid plastering is a boon as it helps to block the incoming noise. It is a common technique used especially when you want to create a music room away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Smooth surface:

Plaster is vital when it comes to removing all the protrusions from the surface of the wall. With all the impediments removed, it is possible to apply a smooth paint all over the surface. Gone are the days when nail pops or seams made the wall look ugly. Plastering makes the surface smooth and strong so that it is able to withstand shocks in an impeccable manner.

Appearance forms a very important part of the aesthetic appeal, therefore make sure to use plaster of a very high quality. In order to accomplish the task, you may have to contact the reputed vendor with skill and experience. If you are new to the area, ask neighbors to gather more information. They can provide complete information about the professionals required to complete the job. People may also like to try DIY route however it may not provide better results. Plastering is a versatile activity that takes into account the architectural shape of the wall and ceiling. It is vital to enhance curves and corners inside the home while carrying out the project. Solid plastering can impart additional aesthetic beauty to the structure to make it look unique.