26 Sep 2018

What Makes a Perfect Holiday Home?

What Makes a Perfect Holiday Home?

Many Americans wish they had a holiday home they could escape to,and with 3.29 million American households owning second homes it’s clear that this dream has become a reality for plenty of people. Holiday homes offer all kinds of benefits, so it’s easy to see why it’s a popular option. From the financial rewards that investing in a second property can bring over a lifetime to the relaxation and the opportunity for a temporary escape from a busy life it provides, there are plenty of reasons to consider owning one. However, there’s a lot to think about before you take the plunge.

Holiday homes come with responsibilities, so you need to be sure you can meet your obligations. You’ll also need to whittle down the shortlist of potential properties based on everything from location to decor. This article will guide you through the process and explain some of the key considerations you’ll need to make.

Running costs 

Before buying a holiday property, it’s important to think about how you’ll fund the new place. Mortgages can sometimes be secured for holiday homes, but you may need to speak directly to your lender and work out a special plan – so build in time to do that. Some people who choose to buy a holiday home are in the lucky position of having the cash outright, in which case there are fewer constraints to worry about. But in both scenarios, you’ll need to think about how you’ll pay any applicable local taxes as well as ongoing costs like water and heating.

One option some holiday home owners go for is to rent the property out to other holidaymakers while they’re not there. Provided the costs aren’t too huge, this can be a great method as it means that the running costs can be covered by the rental income from the empty periods. In some cases, it’s even possible to make a profit doing this. Remember, though, that you’ll need to pay to keep it clean for each new guest if you don’t live nearby, and it may mean your holiday home is occupied during the same peak seasons that you want to use it.


Location is always going to be a big issue when it comes to finding the right holiday home for your needs. If you like a certain outdoor activity, then it makes sense to site it there. Skiers, for example, may choose Colorado, while surfers may want to consider California. Location is also important in terms of access, too. If you need to fly from across the country to get to your holiday home, you may want to consider somewhere within an hour of a major regional airport.

However, there’s also a commercial aspect to choosing a location. Picking a holiday home in an area which has seen stagnant or even falling house prices isn’t wise, as that could mean you’d end up with less than you put in if you need to sell the property in a year or two. It’s worth looking back over recent house price data before signing on the dotted line.

Design and decor

Design and decor are extremely important parts of any real estate decision, but especially so for a holiday home. After all, you’ll be the one who spends time relaxing there.The first design element to think about is the layout and building structure: do you want, for example, a holiday house or simply a condo? Luckily, most neighborhoods have a variety of options to pick from. Take Park City, Utah: Deer Valley condos for sale sit alongside larger properties in the wider area, so condos aren’t the only option.

Most interior design choices can be changed with the help of an expert or through DIY but bear in mind that this is expensive to do. If you want to redecorate fully and you’re paying a mortgage, remember that you won’t be able to get any paying guests in while you decorate – so you may have to cover the mortgage yourself if you’re following the “rent it out” method outlined above.

Buying a holiday home isn’t going to be a bump-free process, and that’s particularly true when it comes to narrowing down the list based on location, design and more. But these decisions will need to be made in order to find the right place for your needs, so it’s worth thinking about it as early on as possible. That way, when purchasing time comes you’ll be making an informed choice.

25 Sep 2018

Five Best Real Property Companies in New York 2018

Five Best Real Property Companies in New York 2018

New York City is known for its enormous size and business activities taking place there. Amongst the top economic activities in this city is the real property management that involves a lot of fields such as real estates. These are run by multimillion companies which are responsible for the construction and auctioning of the estates. An individual may be overwhelmed by these demanding tasks since it touches several fields that all require experts to get the job done. Companies have been set up to offer such services and we are going to review some of the best companies that have their headquarters in New York City to offer real property management NYCservices.

  1. Reliant Realty Group Limited

Reliant Realty Group Limited is a real estate company situated in New York City.  The company is a full-service provider that provides real property management services inclusive of housing management, investment sales, maintenance activities, consultation, financing, property sales, and construction. These services are just a few to mention. Reliant Realty Group is well renowned because of its massive and good quality property development and asset management.

  1. Multifamily Management Services

The Multifamily Management Services is also a great real property management company that has offices in New York City amongst many other regions in the United States. It has been there for long and its presence has been recognized through their services delivered in terms of the general property management concept. Some of the services they offer include leasing, housing loans, facility management, and construction of affordable housing.

  1. Manhattan Management Group

The Manhattan Management Group is a comprehensive real property management company. Services offered by this company may be considered as a full stack in that it touches both the development and running of the estates. They offer rent collection, tenant placement, lease and board package preparation, apartment upkeep, cleaning services, and consultation. With this range of services offered, the Manhattan Management Group has a large organizational structure.

  1. Citadel Property Management Corp

The Citadel Property Management Group is a real property company that is also located in New York. Unlike the aforementioned companies, this company focuses little on the after-sale services such as housing management, tenant placement, and rent collection. This company’s major role is to build and sell their property which is mostly achieved through brokerage services, marketing, development, and construction.

  1. ATCO

ATCO is one of the largest real estate companies situated in New York City. Major roles played by this company are the investment role and the ownership role. This real estate management company constructs houses and manage the property. The major services offered include commercial property management, cooperative property management and homeowner’s property management.

The above list may not be all-inclusive or may not reflect the actual scale of the companies but by comparison of the services provided against the time they have existed, they are some of the companies to consider for real estate management in New York City.

20 Sep 2018

How Should an Avid Card Player’s Home Look?

How Should an Avid Card Player’s Home Look?

If you are mad about rummy, the game sure will have some impact on your life and your daily choices too. This can be evident in the way you decorate your home. The love for the game will surely be visible with one look at your home.

Here are some simple things common in the homes of avid rummy card game players:


As the game of Indian rummy requires a good deal of organised approach, it will become your habit to be organised in every aspect of life. When you plan your home, you will make sure every thing in the house is in its place and there is a place for everything.

Good Choice of Lighting

As most rummy players play the game with friends in cafes and clubs, they know the significance of ambience and lighting. They will take pains to select a proper lighting for each room. They know that good lighting contributes to concentration required much in a rummy tournament or game.

Décor Inspired from Card Games

The modern markets know how to pamper the love for rummy in people. That is why they come up with different interesting décor ideas that perfectly suits a rummy player. Here are some of the common examples that you may check out. The right selection of these can make you feel at home if you are a true rummy player:

  • Wallpapers

A card love is sure to have some finesse in taste. The unique card designs are all intricately designed. Each of these ornate designs look awesome as wallpapers for the living rooms. Players of classic rummy will know how good it will make their living room look. That is why they are sure to look for such artistic designs and do a good deal of research before finalising.

  • Coasters

Most rummy players enjoy a dose of caffeine or nicotine at regular intervals. Tea and coffee breaks are common on most game sessions. Coasters designed in card game style and design are ideal picks for the coffee tables.

  • Carpets

Many of the Persian and Arabic curtains have detailed designs. These are sure choices for homes of card game lovers. This is because dealing with playing cards for a long time has developed their aesthetic sense.

They may also like to buy dark and shiny shag rug for the centre of the floor. This is a common choice because shag rugs contrasting the floor are known to create the right impact.

  • Card Holders

A card lover is never to quit his deck of cards. That is the reason a card holder is a sure piece of décor in the house of a card player. These days many unique card holders are available. Some of these are like little suitcases with a handle and two slots to place the cards. Some of these are like book holders and can be placed in the centre of the coffee table to hold the deck of cards.

  • Good Seating Arrangement

A good rummy game player knows the significance of good seating arrangement for a player to keep focus on the game. That is why a good player will make sure the chairs are well placed. The height of the chairs will suit an average player height. The coffee tables too will be of the height that allows comfortable playing.

These are some things you get to see specifically in a rummy fan’s well-arranged home.

14 Sep 2018

Young Couples Are Not the Only Ones on the Lookout for Real Estate Condo Listings in Downtown Toronto

Young Couples Are Not the Only Ones on the Lookout for Real Estate Condo Listings in Downtown Toronto

While young hipsters, college grads, and young families are flooding the condo market, they are not the only ones on the lookout for real estate condo listings in downtown Toronto. In fact, more seniors than ever are moving into the city, taking advantage of the current onslaught of condo construction. Seniors all over the world looking to enjoy the remainder of their golden years are turning to condos, not only due to the ease of not having to take care of tasks such as lawn care and snow removal, but sharing common interests with the other building members.  With this in mind, it only stands to reason that the demand for condos with amenities that cater to the elderly will continue to grow.

The Convenience of Downtown Living

One reason so many seniors are moving into Downtown Toronto is the convenience of being at the heart of the city. Many seniors like to have access to a selection of cafes, restaurants, and delis to choose from, all within walking distance to help with the physical fitness of staying active. The downtown area has dozens of amazing eateries ranging from bistros to fine dining establishments. Upper scale clothing stores, jewelry stores, and boutiques are starting to cater to senior tastes, not only to cater to those already living here but also in hopes of attracting more to the area.

Friends at Hand

It seems as though it only takes one or two seniors to move into a condo unit before many more follow suit.  Living in a condominium building gives seniors the chance to meet each other in common areas like the pool, the gym, the community room, even walking around out on the lawn. Most condos with a large percentage of senior residents always seem to have something going on in the community room. Bridge games, poker, puzzles, knitting circles, quilting, or watching movies on the big screen. It doesn’t take long for lasting friendships to form. One of the worst things for a senior to have to deal with is loneliness. They no longer have jobs with coworkers they have known for sometimes decades; their families are busy getting on with their own lives. Buying a condo in one of the new condominium buildings gives seniors the chance to create a new circle of friends and become involved in group activities.

Taking Care of Each Other

By moving into a condominium building with other seniors creates what many tend to think of as their new family. While there may not be medical care offered as other retirement or assisted living arrangements, the perception of the lonely life of a nursing home can log be forgotten as these newfound friendships help look out for each other, not to mention stay active by taking part in group activities they share in common, and “age in place”, as seniors are calling it.  In Toronto, for example, it’s estimated that one in every four will be over the age of sixty-five, so proof even further that seniors are creating communities within condos.