23 Nov 2018

Pillow Fight! The Battle of the Floor Cushions

Pillow Fight! The Battle of the Floor Cushions

Ah, the floor cushions. What used to be almost synonymous to Japanese dining has now found its way into every household across the globe. Not only do they make the room more relaxing, floor cushions provide more sitting options in a rather small space.

With the numerous shapes and designs available now in the market, it can be overwhelming to narrow it down to what you like. For starters, you can check out and visit Domayne online for some design inspirations. But for now, here’s a few floor cushion ideas to help you decide:

By the Fireplace

When it’s that time of the year and you just want to spend the colder nights snuggled next to the roaring fireplace, with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book, then these warm knitted floor cushions would be great company.

Thick but soft, these type of floor cushions are ideal to withstand usage during those winter nights. They are typically cable-knit and comes in many solid colors. With its standard square shape, you can store them easily and neatly in a closet or a trunk and take them out whenever needed.

Or you can choose to keep them laying casually around the floor and spend time in front of the fireplace with family and friends any time of the day.

By the Children’s Corner

How fun are these braided floor cushions for those lonely corners in your children’s library or playroom? These floor cushions are ideal for lounging around, with its soft cotton and foamy material.

They are large enough to hold several smaller pillows and even plush toys for even more comfort. You and your kids would definitely look forward to those lazy afternoons spent here reading or playing.

By the Recreational Room

If you are not a fan of the whimsy, light colors for floor cushions, then you can opt for a more rustic, faux leather material that is ideal for your recreational or game rooms.

Invite the gang to a round of video games or movie nights and crash onto these durable floor cushions that are usually filled with mounds of cork or foam pellets. The leatherette material is easy to clean and maintain with a swift wipe with a damp cloth.

By the Patio

Make your outdoor patio or poolside area a bit more festive by adding these canvass floor cushions. The material and size along with its printed stripes gives the space a very nautical feel.

The canvass floor cushions’ material is ideal for outdoor areas because of its durability. It can come in different shapes and sizes as well, that go along great with pool lounge chairs. You can mix and match the patterns and designs depending on your taste.

These floor cushions make those summer days by the pool more fun and relaxing.

By the Living Room

Of course last but definitely not the least, floor cushions are great as additional sitting options in the living room. These round floor cushions pose dual purpose – both as a seat and as a decor.

You can choose colors that complement the rest of the room’s furniture, like the sofa and the chaise chairs. These floor cushions can either be in velvet, corduroy or your standard cotton material.

You can also opt to go for plain designs with solid colors for floor cushions, like this Florida Round Cushion with very chic tassels. You can place these round floor cushions at the center of the room or clustered together at a section of the living room.

So whether you are eyeing the center of the living room or the corner of your bedroom, these floor cushions are great options to put around. They have many purposes and you can always move them around if needed. There are many options to choose from that can still let you keep to your decorating budget.

23 Nov 2018

Milford: Best Place for Your Family and Home in Connecticut

Milford: Best Place for Your Family and Home in Connecticut

Milford Connecticut is known as a “small town with a big heart,” a feeling that clearly reflects the character of the city. Sailboats, yachts, and motorboats sail to this picturesque coastal town. The city center is green extended in the center of the city. Milford has always encouraged the preservation and restoration of old homes, helping to preserve the charm of this traditional New England town.

The marina in the center of town on the river is a great place to see the boats coming and going, or strolling along the docks. Certainly, one of the most picturesque and charming neighborhoods in Milford. The summer night on the Harbor Lights concert series is a special treat!

Every year in August, Milford celebrates the oyster festival, a city-wide exposition and a celebration of the city’s location on Long Island Sound and its fertile land of oysters. The festival takes place around Milford Green, close to the center as well as throughout the city center. It offers a variety of events including kayaking, keno, classic car shows, crafts, and musical performances.

Milford is a popular destination for saltwater, with its many marinas, pleasure boats, and beaches. With over 17 miles of beautiful coastline, it is no wonder that boats and beaches are very popular. One of the most popular events in Milford is the annual Sand Castle Contest, which attracts hundreds of participants who make sculptures from the beach.

Silver Sands National Park and the Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center in Milford Point are popular outdoor destinations. The Smith-Hubbell Wildlife Sanctuary and Bird Sanctuary are located on a barrier beach adjacent to the Charles Wheeler Wildlife Sanctuary at the mouth of the Housatonic River. The Audubon Center offers a unique learning environment and outdoor adventures for people of all ages. The center features a shallow tidal reservoir, educational exhibits and a 70-foot indoor observation tower for panoramic views.

The Great River Golf Club is an 8-hole, 72-hole golf course. It includes private training facilities, a conference center, and banquet facilities. The city’s tennis club has six covered courts.

For children and young people, the Smileys Leisure Center is a year-round recreation center with a children’s kingdom, music room, skateboard video game room, swimming pool, and gym. Seasonal activities include the children’s garden, torches, narrow boats, half-way games, and mini golf. The Ice Pavilion offers ski rentals, leagues, and group games. Other leisure opportunities for children include playgrounds, a famous youth center, ice rinks, and a riding academy.

Milford has a diverse economy in manufacturing, retail, corporate offices, light industry, and investment firms. Guests will find everything they need or want in many exclusive shops, pubs and shopping malls, including the Westfield Mall. Everyone still calls the original name, the Connecticut Post Mall and one of the largest shopping centers in the state.

Milford’s residential areas offer a variety of lifestyle options. Historic Colonial homes and Victorian architecture are side by side with modern structures and luxurious properties at the water’s edge. There are beautiful neighborhoods throughout the city, consisting of modest family homes, new developments, residential buildings, and condos. Most of the new apartments are located in the city center, nearby the river.

In addition to high-quality public schools, the city has several private schools and state-approved private schools for children with special needs and technical high schools.

With its picturesque beaches, islands, river bird sanctuaries and New England charm, Milford is one of CT’s best cities for your home and family. Milford is a nice place to own property, and it is also a fascinating location to start a business!

Author’s Bio:

Peter Williams is a professional real estate consultant who deals in homes for sale in Milford PA. Peter works at a famous real estate firm located in PA. He was born in New Jersey in 1988 and has been working with real estate companies for around ten years.