30 Jan 2019

Why you May Need of Professional Help to fix Water Leakage

Why you May Need of Professional Help to fix Water Leakage

The soothing sound of a water drop can sometimes become really horrifying and unwanted. The leaking of pipe may seem like a simple leakage of water but it can be a sign of a severe damaged pipe line. Wearing down of pipes can cause various leakage problems and may result in ceiling leakages, wall leakages, etc.

Signs of water leakage in property

There are some for warning indications that you must be vigilant and take notice of. Like if you find sudden puddles, strange noises, dampness, molds, mildews, an ample raise in your water bill or if your water meter fluctuates, all these factors can be a sign of hidden leakage in your property.

Aftermath of water leakage

Being the owner of your property, you must know how to handle this problem. If the water leakage issue does not get treated early, this may result in bigger problems and bigger repair bills.

Leaked water can get retained into the home walls, roofs and ceilings and deteriorate the formation and structure of the house. It can also lead to the damage of wooden furniture and precious articles or assets and even ruin the paint work, wall papers and overall appearance of the home. These factors can easily depreciate the property and affect its value.

Normally Water supply lines bring water at pressures scaling from 45 to 65 psi. An abandoned leak in the supply line or an inefficiently done repair that is not able to hold up the water can cause an extensive damage and stream number of gallons of water into your home. If you detect a water leakage in your property, Try not to do it yourself. Repairing pipe plumbing leaks is a job that needs professional and qualified plumbers along with specialized tools and experience to determine if there is a need of repair or a complete replacement of entire pipe is required. A professional plumber will fix the problem forever.


You can get the best services at affordable prices with professional and trained plumbers along with full fledged tools and equipments required. The professional company also provides the leak detectors to detect and ensure where the exact source of the leak is. Also, they can guide you about the locations with potential for future leaks. They make 24/7 round the clock presence at the place of emergency leak to prevent the avoidable damage and save your property as much as they can.

Water leak repair is a responsible job to do, so never delay in treating the leak repair and choose the waterproofing professionals wisely.

17 Jan 2019

Create A Website For Your Business At No Cost

Create A Website For Your Business At No Cost

Upon hearing your firm’s name, a consumer is highly likely to enter it in a search engine and expect landing on your business website. This instinctive approach defines whether potential customers will interact with your business or not.

Therefore – small or big – all businesses in this day and age need a website. To create one from scratch at zero cost, you will need a website builder.

Web development Dubai allows small businesses to start with a basic website. You can choose to have a pre-designed template or customize one as you go. Site builders are easy to understand, affordable and the quickest way of getting your website up and running. You won’t need to worry about the complexes about creating a website. The builder will do all of that for you, allowing you to choose suitable features that compliment your business and customer needs.

Your business’s running website waits. All you need to do is sign up, upload and share.

Free Website Builders

There are mainly two types of site builders you will come across. One will allow you a website for a trial period, at the end of which the builder will require you to pay if you want to continue using their service. The second type is the one you’re looking at, if you want a site with a basic feature set, free of cost, for your business, running ceaselessly.

With such websites however, there will always be a catch. Free users are usually unable to use custom domains, add more than 5 or so pages, enable eCommerce and remove adverts that the builder places an all free websites. To do so, you would need to upgrade your account for which, different site builders charge different charges. Yet all in all, a site builder will allow you to set a free site for your business up on the web. Just, this website will either display a noticeable ad or will be published on a sub-domain.


Here’s how you can create your free business site:


  1. Pick out a website builder. Search for available website building tools and analyze which free service covers your website needs most effectively, as compared to others.
  2. Pick and connect your free domain name. Usually, site building tools offer suggestions for your domain name. Choose one that mentions your firm’s name and matches your specialization.
  3. Customize your site. You can pick out a template and add some structure and content to your pages. Once you feel that your website is ready, feel free to publish it.

Best Small Business Website Builders

While browsing, you will realize that there are hundreds of website building tools that will offer you a variety of fancy features for your site. Most of these won’t be worth considering. Your site does not need the latest features. Your site needs only what compliments your business product or service.

Following are a couple of examples of site builders that are more likely to work well for you.


Wix is currently the number one website building platform in almost all countries across the world. This is likely because of its incredible compilation of high quality mobile-ready templates, plenty of first-class design customization tools, flexibility of tools and increasing comparative advantage.

A free WIX plan allows you to use almost all of its features at the cost of a sub-domain, their evident web banner on your site and a few other confinements.


WordPress is the world’s most popular free site builder and content management system. It began as a blogging platform but not long after, it also became a website building tool. Due to its complexities, WordPress is not the best choice for newbies who are unawares with the ABCs of coding and web design. However, WordPress is found in the top choices of web developers and those with a little web building knowledge.

Users of WordPress are in complete control when it comes to customization and the system offers a vast variety of website features and blogging tools.

With a sub-domain and adverts, you can have your site running on WordPress in no time and at no cost.

So far we have established that website builders can allow you to have your site out on the internet for free. But is that really enough? Your site will always need some level of development and Digital Gravity can help you do just that.

From picking out a suitable site builder for your business to customizing the finest template, implementing SEO to adding stellar content, Digital Gravity specializes creating sites that complement the business’ product or service. The agency develops only top-notch web applications for your business that are together most consumer friendly and effective.

17 Jan 2019

Buy Cow Milk & Get Amazing Health Benefits

Buy Cow Milk & Get Amazing Health Benefits

Cow milk is one of the healthiest food sources on our planet. It contains the high amount of proteins, iron, minerals, along with vitamin B & D. That is why, cow milk is one of the high-quality food product that can satisfy all fluid intake needs of humans. You will always feel refreshing & energetic, when you find an online cow milk delivery at your doorsteps without any hassle. So, buy cow milk that is from healthy farm cows, living in proper hygiene. Hygienic milk will provide you good health and more happiness.

Here are some amazing benefits of cow milk:

Rapid development & growth:

Protein is one of the most important & basic needs of the body. The cow milk has enough pure protein that is directly used by the body. It boosts mental & physical growth efficiently, especially in children. Select a trusted online cow milk delivery company that offers 100% natural & organic milk along with flexible payment methods, on-time delivery, and reasonable rates.

Good for bone & heart health:

Milk is good for bone & muscle growth as it is a rich source of calcium & minerals. With potassium, it enhances the vasodilation and reduces the high blood pressure. Buy cow milk and include it in your daily habit to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Reduce weight and stress:

Buy cow milk with low fat that can reduce your weight easily. It boosts the metabolic abilities that bring us with more energy and that results in weight loss. Manage your stress levels by adding cow milk in diet and get more energy.

Better hydration in the body:

Instantly charge up your body with hot milk and keep your body hydrated throughout the day. There are many online cow milk delivery sources available today which bring you with high-quality cow milk and other milk products.


Buy cow milk and stay healthy! The only thing you should consider is to choose the right milk provider to get 100% natural milk at the best pricing.

16 Jan 2019

A Factual Comparison Between Low Doc Loan & No-doc Loan

A Factual Comparison Between Low Doc Loan & No-doc Loan

There’s a big misconception among individuals about low doc loans. They consider low doc loans as no-doc loans. This is not correct and there are several differences. Both low and no doc loans are the type of home loan options where self-employed people do not need to submit a bunch of documents to prove their income. These loans are basically meant for self-employed people who have issues in presenting their latest tax returns as income proof. On the other hand, many of these people have no problem in providing other documents such as their latest banking statements.

Both these types are different and so are their terms and conditions. In order to know more about both of these, let’s have a look at the actual conditions one needs to follow for applying low doc and no doc loans.

Low doc loans

Low doc loans can be applied in the case when the applicant is self-employed and can’t provide up-to-date proof of income returns. Here, they can apply for a low doc loan where they need to submit less income documents to prove their loan eligibility. Low doc means you have to present main income documents to the loan lender to demonstrate that you can repay the debt on time. Usually, the income documents include bank statements, BAS statements and/or an Accountant statement.

To apply for a low doc home loan, you have to be prepared with the –

Good credit record

If you maintain a good credit record, there are fewer chances your loan will be declined by the lender. If the lenders find everything is in good shape, they are more than likely trust you for the rest of the application. Credit issues will just make them scrutinize your application further and attract additional penalties.

Alternative Proof of Income

Some form of income proof is mandatory. If you don’t have much income proof your application will be scrutinized further and attract additional penalties.

Consistent Income

Self-employment can come with a higher risk. Here, the self employed can sometimes have fluctuating earnings and Lenders want to avoid borrowers who will struggle to make repayments during difficult months. If you have an imbalance of income streams over time, then Lender may scrutinize your application further to see how you manage your cash flow from more profitable months.

N0-doc loans

This is quite similar to low doc loan. One difference is that you don’t need to submit any income documents as proof. All you need is a solid declaration that defines your capability of loan repayment. The declaration simply determines “can you afford the loan to repay”. Since this declaration would no longer conform to the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 regulations, normal consumers would no longer be able to apply for such a loan, however non-consumer type borrowers and/or non-consumer type purposes may be eligible. For example, a company as a borrower, using its company property as security.

There is a higher risk in no-doc loans as the lenders don’t have any documents as income proof. Along with this, these loans come with a higher rate of interest that a borrower needs to pay for the requested funding. The major fact is that these type of loans typically only last six to twelve months.


This was all about low doc loans and no doc loans. The facts discussed are the major differences between both of them. You can explore more about these terms to know better about each product.

11 Jan 2019

5 Shocking Things You didn’t know your Condominium Corporation Could Do

5 Shocking Things You didn’t know your Condominium Corporation Could Do

In the wake of a court decision regarding Airbnb a few months back, when Sanda Jovasevic agreed to lease her downtown Toronto condo to a tenant, only to find out later that someone had been renting out the unit through Airbnb without her consent, tongues have been wagging about what condo boards can and cannot do!

Luxury Condos in Toronto are a proliferate occurrence in our modern society, but its startling to learn that the laws and rules governing these living spaces are still shrouded in mystery. Even if you have never lived in a condominium, words such as “condo fees” or “condo board” must ring a bell. However, it goes well beyond that. Discerning what can or cannot happen in a condo community is still a mystery that has been the topic of heated debate for quite a long time now. While condo boards differ across buildings, we have done our due diligence and dug up 5 shocking things that all condo boards can do for sure.

1) Sell Your Unit

Before your jaws drop open in a silent protest, hear me out. It does appear to be a serious interference of an owner’s rights, considering that you invest in property to enjoy all the privileges and freedom that come with owning a property. Wouldn’t it then be too cruel to be stripped of the home that you have purchased lawfully and nurtured lovingly? However, certain circumstances make it legal for a condominium corporation to force you into selling your unit, whether you wish to or not. For instance, the corporation can register a certificate of lien against your unit in case of an unpaid condo fees. If enforced in court, the lien would mean parting with your unit if necessary.

What about in the event of an unreasonable condo fees? Is it negotiable? Unfortunately, the answer is no. When you are living in a condo, you have to make do with intermittent increases in condo fees without a frown. The owner’s fees go towards paying for the healthy reserve fund, the right to use the amenities, and the building’s maintenance. A reserve fund of the condominium corporation is akin to an emergency savings account to protect against a rainy day! Also, don’t think that you can opt out of the use of certain amenities to get your fee waivered.

2) Ban Pets

Here’s a tricky one. A lot of Luxury Condos in Toronto impose rules on pets, but some are more stringent than others. While we have seen a lot of cases decided by judges with different results, the rule of thumb is that your condo board is in a position to pass by-laws and declarations pertinent to pets, and even ban them if it so wishes, and you are legally bound to oblige; well at least most of the time. Given the fact that even landlords are not given the power to deal with their tenants in such a manner, llit may seem shocking to people that condominium corporations have been granted the power to make such rules. The Residential Tenancies Act renders the no-pet policies in rental agreements as unenforceable and void, but since the condo boards and condo owners don’t exactly follow the “landlord and tenant” relationship, such laws hold no importance here.

3) Dictate Your Renovations and Décor

This one is hard to digest by most people. Afterall, one would think that after sacrificing a lion’s share of your income on condo fees and mortgage, and splurging your life’s earning on a down-payment, you are at a liberty to personalize the place you call home. The last thing you would want is for the condo board to come knocking on your door, dictating your choice of blinds or shades. Even though it is a little hard to swallow, the condo board is permitted by the law to draft the condo’s rules, by-laws, and declaration to control or altogether ban these aesthetic features of your living space.

4) Limit Access to Amenities and occupancy

If you were still in doubt about the broad legal authority that condo boards have over what conspires on the premises, you are in for yet another shock. According to Section 56(1)(k) of the Act, the board may restrict the enjoyment and use of the common amenities to only the occupants of the building. Sorry to break your bubble if you were planning a giant pool party with your friends in the condo swimming pool. Such regulations even apply to your own unit’s interiors. Your condominium corporation can restrict unit occupancy to single families only. As for what constitutes a single family, well that is up to your condo board to decide

 5) Enter Your Suite

Don’t worry; it’s pretty rare but certain circumstances demand it. The management can break into your unit in the event of a fire outbreak, or any other emergency. Peruse your condominium’s rules, bylaws and declaration to look for rules that pertain to entering an occupant’s unit.


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10 Jan 2019

5 Effective Ways to Improve the Value of your Home

5 Effective Ways to Improve the Value of your Home

Whether you have recently moved into a new home, are happily settled in one, or are looking at selling to progress up the property ladder by buying a bigger property, adding value to your property is worthwhile. Indeed, it is often much better to continually make improvements over the years so that the value has naturally increased when you come to sell. Don’t worry if you have not had the time or money to do that though – there are lots of home improvements that can be done before you put your home on the market.

The key thing to think about when trying to add value to your home is what buyer’s will want. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what you would be prepared to pay extra for. In the same way, try to look at your home and identify what could actually decrease the value of it. This will enable you to pinpoint issues to fix and resolve. Just remember to make sure that what you spend on any work will be likely to be made back on the extra value it brings in.

But what are the best ways to add value to any home?

Effective ways to add value to your property

  • Install wooden shutters – shutters are a relatively inexpensive and effective way to quickly add value to any home. Not only are they quick to install but they make a real difference to what people will pay for your property. The bespoke look and high-end feel they provide is what increases the attractiveness of a property. Many people will also be prepared to pay more for a property with shutters due to the practical features they bring. For example, many buyers prefer them for the greater control they give over natural light levels, room temperature and privacy.
  • Think about renovating up, out or down – adding value to your home can often mean adding extra usable space. The main ways of doing this are converting the loft to a bedroom or office, extending out into the garden with a conservatory or down into the cellar. All this kind of work can add lots to the value of your home due to the extra space it provides. Whether you add a bedroom into the loft space, a home gym into the cellar or a conservatory out the back, it should make more than it cost when you sell.
  • Don’t forget the bathroom – one of the rooms that can really bump your home’s value up is the bathroom. Buyers will spend extra on a home with a well-designed bathroom which makes it worthwhile to improve it to a high standard. If you have the budget available, then a brand-new suite with a double shower enclosure is bound to make your property more desirable. Even a simple makeover can work wonders though with new accessories like heated towel rails and useful storage improving the space.
  • Make the most of your garden space – the power of outdoor space to add extra money onto your home’s value should not be overlooked! All buyers looking for detached houses will want a well-kept outdoor space, and it will always fetch a premium in cities. So making the most of it will add real value to your house. If you have the money, adding decking or an attractive seating area is worth considering. Even on a budget, a quick tidy up of flower borders and keeping the lawn cut can work wonders.
  • Carry out any routine maintenance – although this may seem like a small thing, it can make a big difference in terms of your property’s value. Not fixing things like broken tiles or dripping taps can make your home less attractive. On top of this, buyers will offer less as they need to factor in the cost of doing the repairs themselves. Take the time to walk around your whole home regularly to spot any small issues that you can take action to fix.

Adding value to your home is not hard

As you can see from the above tips, there are lots of ways to add value to your property with home improvements. From smaller jobs like installing wooden window shutters to larger ones like loft conversions, you can tailor what you do to your budget. By simply sprucing up the look and feel of your home, you will be surprised at just what a difference it makes to how much your home is worth.

09 Jan 2019

5 Tried and Tested Ways to Increase Your Data Security

5 Tried and Tested Ways to Increase Your Data Security

Whether you are an entrepreneur who has just started a new business or a successful businessman with many businesses under your belt, you might have accumulated lots of user data, some of which might be sensitive in nature such as credit card information.

With news of cyber security attacks and data breaches become more and more common and spreading panic amongst enterprises around the globe, businesses needs to take cybersecurity seriously. It is important that they take proactive approach instead of reactive one.

According to Symantec study, cyberattacks on small businesses are on the rise and this trend is not going to die down anytime soon. Another report from Better Business Bureau bring to light a startling fact. The report found out that small businesses lost an average of $79,841 from cyber attacks in US only in 2017. If you believe that you are a small business and you are safe, then you need to change your mind set before you come under one.

In this article, you will learn about proven ways to keep your sensitive data safe from prying eyes of hackers.

  1. Run a Cybersecurity Audit

The easiest way to protect against cyber security attacks is to think like a hacker. Put yourself in the shoes of a cyber attacker and identify the loopholes in your own system. If you cannot do it yourself, hire an ethical hacker and ask them to attack your system for testing its security. Even though, this might cost you a pretty penny but it will bring to light vulnerability in your current security system. When you know the weaknesses of your network, you can easily fix them.

If you don’t know where to start, here is a cybersecurity checklist that you should download to keep your business safe. This checklist will help you identify data which is vulnerable to cyber attacks and data breaches. Moreover, this checklist also covers different areas of cybersecurity such as incident response, data management training and more. Make sure you document the steps you will take in case your business come under a cybersecurity attack. You can also learn about the steps you can take to protect your data. This checklist will show you the mirror and tell you exactly where your business stands as far as cybersecurity is concerned.

  1. Control Information Access

Did you know that a major chunk of cyber attacks affecting business are coordinated internally? Yes, this might shock you and force you to tighten your grip on information access. By exercising tight control over access control, you can minimize the risk of attacks that are launched from inside your organization.

Not all your employees should be given access to the database and sensitive files. Try to limit access to a minimum and offer employees access to information that they really need for completing their tasks. Define and constantly review the roles of different employees in your company. Keep an eye out for additional access your employees might have.

According to CompuQuip, you should set up controls, classify data and use tools to manage access. It will benefit your business in two ways. First of all, it will restrict how much information each employee can access. Even if one of your employees come under a phishing or any other type of cyberattack, you can easily minimize the damage by efficiently managing information control. When an employee doesn’t have access to all the data systems, attacker which compromise their identity will also not access to all your data systems.

  1. Educate and Monitor Your Employees

According to IBM’s Cyber Security Intelligence Index, 60% of all cyberattacks impacting businesses were coordinated by people inside the company and three quarter of these attacks were carried out with malicious intent. Social engineering attacks are one of the most common types of cyberattacks.

As a business, you can easily negate the possibility of social engineering attacks to a certain degree by educating your employees about the cybersecurity best practices and make the follow these best practices. Another thing business should focus on is to train employees on how to efficiently and secure manage their data. In addition to this, make sure you educate and train them, so they can identify and report potential internal threats and breaches.

Start off with onboarding process when a new employee join organization and keep training and educating employees on cyber security measures. When an employee leaves, conduct out boarding interviews and change all the passwords and login credentials. Set and enforce penalties for internal and criminal offenses.

  1. Use A Decentralized Virtual Network

Irrespective of what type of business you are in, you might be using different collaboration and communication tools for internal communication and collaboration. There is a risk of that communication history landing into wrong hands. Social media mogul like Facebook came under fire and was slapped by a fine by UK Information Commissioner Office for its role in Cambridge Analytica episode. This means that you can rely on external systems for internal communication.

Instead of using external tools, you are better off establishing a decentralized network which is hosted on your internal dedicated servers or on the cloud. This will not only give you the peace of mind, but it also offers you the complete control over who can access your information and how your sensitive information can be used.

  1. Automate Software Updates

Cyber attackers critically analyze software and try to find vulnerabilities they can exploit. As the software grows old, hackers know more about its vulnerabilities. Lack of support from software developers, timely release of patches and bug fixes makes the matters worse. The best thing you can do to reduce the risk of cyberattacks is to keep everything updated to the latest version.

According to Comodo Antivirus, you can easily minimize the risk of malware infection or becoming the risk of ransomware attacks by keeping operating systems, antivirus and other software updated regularly. Despite this, you will find very few businesses running the latest version of software. With most software offering the option of automatic updates, you can easily put updates in auto pilot mode and relax.

Which tactics do you use to keep your business data secure? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.