17 Jan 2019

Create A Website For Your Business At No Cost

Create A Website For Your Business At No Cost

Upon hearing your firm’s name, a consumer is highly likely to enter it in a search engine and expect landing on your business website. This instinctive approach defines whether potential customers will interact with your business or not.

Therefore – small or big – all businesses in this day and age need a website. To create one from scratch at zero cost, you will need a website builder.

Web development Dubai allows small businesses to start with a basic website. You can choose to have a pre-designed template or customize one as you go. Site builders are easy to understand, affordable and the quickest way of getting your website up and running. You won’t need to worry about the complexes about creating a website. The builder will do all of that for you, allowing you to choose suitable features that compliment your business and customer needs.

Your business’s running website waits. All you need to do is sign up, upload and share.

Free Website Builders

There are mainly two types of site builders you will come across. One will allow you a website for a trial period, at the end of which the builder will require you to pay if you want to continue using their service. The second type is the one you’re looking at, if you want a site with a basic feature set, free of cost, for your business, running ceaselessly.

With such websites however, there will always be a catch. Free users are usually unable to use custom domains, add more than 5 or so pages, enable eCommerce and remove adverts that the builder places an all free websites. To do so, you would need to upgrade your account for which, different site builders charge different charges. Yet all in all, a site builder will allow you to set a free site for your business up on the web. Just, this website will either display a noticeable ad or will be published on a sub-domain.


Here’s how you can create your free business site:


  1. Pick out a website builder. Search for available website building tools and analyze which free service covers your website needs most effectively, as compared to others.
  2. Pick and connect your free domain name. Usually, site building tools offer suggestions for your domain name. Choose one that mentions your firm’s name and matches your specialization.
  3. Customize your site. You can pick out a template and add some structure and content to your pages. Once you feel that your website is ready, feel free to publish it.

Best Small Business Website Builders

While browsing, you will realize that there are hundreds of website building tools that will offer you a variety of fancy features for your site. Most of these won’t be worth considering. Your site does not need the latest features. Your site needs only what compliments your business product or service.

Following are a couple of examples of site builders that are more likely to work well for you.


Wix is currently the number one website building platform in almost all countries across the world. This is likely because of its incredible compilation of high quality mobile-ready templates, plenty of first-class design customization tools, flexibility of tools and increasing comparative advantage.

A free WIX plan allows you to use almost all of its features at the cost of a sub-domain, their evident web banner on your site and a few other confinements.


WordPress is the world’s most popular free site builder and content management system. It began as a blogging platform but not long after, it also became a website building tool. Due to its complexities, WordPress is not the best choice for newbies who are unawares with the ABCs of coding and web design. However, WordPress is found in the top choices of web developers and those with a little web building knowledge.

Users of WordPress are in complete control when it comes to customization and the system offers a vast variety of website features and blogging tools.

With a sub-domain and adverts, you can have your site running on WordPress in no time and at no cost.

So far we have established that website builders can allow you to have your site out on the internet for free. But is that really enough? Your site will always need some level of development and Digital Gravity can help you do just that.

From picking out a suitable site builder for your business to customizing the finest template, implementing SEO to adding stellar content, Digital Gravity specializes creating sites that complement the business’ product or service. The agency develops only top-notch web applications for your business that are together most consumer friendly and effective.

17 Jan 2019

Buy Cow Milk & Get Amazing Health Benefits

Buy Cow Milk & Get Amazing Health Benefits

Cow milk is one of the healthiest food sources on our planet. It contains the high amount of proteins, iron, minerals, along with vitamin B & D. That is why, cow milk is one of the high-quality food product that can satisfy all fluid intake needs of humans. You will always feel refreshing & energetic, when you find an online cow milk delivery at your doorsteps without any hassle. So, buy cow milk that is from healthy farm cows, living in proper hygiene. Hygienic milk will provide you good health and more happiness.

Here are some amazing benefits of cow milk:

Rapid development & growth:

Protein is one of the most important & basic needs of the body. The cow milk has enough pure protein that is directly used by the body. It boosts mental & physical growth efficiently, especially in children. Select a trusted online cow milk delivery company that offers 100% natural & organic milk along with flexible payment methods, on-time delivery, and reasonable rates.

Good for bone & heart health:

Milk is good for bone & muscle growth as it is a rich source of calcium & minerals. With potassium, it enhances the vasodilation and reduces the high blood pressure. Buy cow milk and include it in your daily habit to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Reduce weight and stress:

Buy cow milk with low fat that can reduce your weight easily. It boosts the metabolic abilities that bring us with more energy and that results in weight loss. Manage your stress levels by adding cow milk in diet and get more energy.

Better hydration in the body:

Instantly charge up your body with hot milk and keep your body hydrated throughout the day. There are many online cow milk delivery sources available today which bring you with high-quality cow milk and other milk products.


Buy cow milk and stay healthy! The only thing you should consider is to choose the right milk provider to get 100% natural milk at the best pricing.