03 Nov 2018

Trendy Interior Design Tips for Condos In 2018

Trendy Interior Design Tips for Condos In 2018

What may be popular now can soon but out of style as interior design tastes change from year-to-year as people grow tired of seeing oversaturated designs. If you’re looking to perform a redesign of a room in your home and want to stay on top of the latest trends, take a quick look at these trends on the way out and those that are replacing them.

Stainless Steel Kitchens – Out

Often described as looking like a chemistry lab with its stainless-steel counters, appliances, and fixtures, these lab-like kitchens are on the way out of fashion. People are tired of seeing the sterile conditions in a room that is supposed to invite warmth into the home. Interior designers are starting to incorporate more color into their kitchen designs. Even some appliance manufacturers like Bluestar offer 750 different colors for their products. There’s so much color to choose from when designing a kitchen now because people are treating them more like living rooms.

Earth Pastels – IN

Those moody and dark shades of grey appear to be on the way out in the design world. The smoky color scheme has been popular ever since the Fifty Shades of Gray movie appeared in theaters, but the dark color scheme is finally losing its luster. People are moving towards pastels and gentle colors for their living spaces. Wood-finishes are also growing in popularity due to their natural feel and texture. Earthy tones appear to be dominating designs in 2018 as people shed the sterile look of a mixture of gray. You’ll still find hints of it with white in many designs, but it is no longer the dominant color.

Curvy Designs – IN

Most designers are moving away from the straight clean lines that have defined designs in the past five years. Sofas with rigid cushions and straight arms look nice, but they’re not comfortable to sit on. Instead, designers are opting for curvy shapes with rounded lines. U-shaped chairs are making a comeback with this new trend. Shapes that are not as well-defined invite the viewer to sit rather than feel as though they belong in a doctor’s office. The whole theme of design for 2018 is making sure you and your guests feel at home. An interior design makeover might even help you get the best rates on condo insurance if your current condo design is feeling out of date, so it’s a win-win.

Patina and Tarnished Look – IN

As one designer puts it, those shiny drawer pulls, faucets, and sinks feel as though they belong in a 50’s-style diner rather than a home. Most people prefer the tarnished or patina look that comes from warm bronze. These metals are unique because they acquire character over time. You’ll see designers installing bronze faucets and sinks in kitchens and bathrooms as part of this new trend. Even rose gold and shiny copper are obtaining a reputation for being cheap. Trends are moving toward darker metals for curtain rods, shower rods, and just about any metal accent in the home.

20 Sep 2018

How Should an Avid Card Player’s Home Look?

How Should an Avid Card Player’s Home Look?

If you are mad about rummy, the game sure will have some impact on your life and your daily choices too. This can be evident in the way you decorate your home. The love for the game will surely be visible with one look at your home.

Here are some simple things common in the homes of avid rummy card game players:


As the game of Indian rummy requires a good deal of organised approach, it will become your habit to be organised in every aspect of life. When you plan your home, you will make sure every thing in the house is in its place and there is a place for everything.

Good Choice of Lighting

As most rummy players play the game with friends in cafes and clubs, they know the significance of ambience and lighting. They will take pains to select a proper lighting for each room. They know that good lighting contributes to concentration required much in a rummy tournament or game.

Décor Inspired from Card Games

The modern markets know how to pamper the love for rummy in people. That is why they come up with different interesting décor ideas that perfectly suits a rummy player. Here are some of the common examples that you may check out. The right selection of these can make you feel at home if you are a true rummy player:

  • Wallpapers

A card love is sure to have some finesse in taste. The unique card designs are all intricately designed. Each of these ornate designs look awesome as wallpapers for the living rooms. Players of classic rummy will know how good it will make their living room look. That is why they are sure to look for such artistic designs and do a good deal of research before finalising.

  • Coasters

Most rummy players enjoy a dose of caffeine or nicotine at regular intervals. Tea and coffee breaks are common on most game sessions. Coasters designed in card game style and design are ideal picks for the coffee tables.

  • Carpets

Many of the Persian and Arabic curtains have detailed designs. These are sure choices for homes of card game lovers. This is because dealing with playing cards for a long time has developed their aesthetic sense.

They may also like to buy dark and shiny shag rug for the centre of the floor. This is a common choice because shag rugs contrasting the floor are known to create the right impact.

  • Card Holders

A card lover is never to quit his deck of cards. That is the reason a card holder is a sure piece of décor in the house of a card player. These days many unique card holders are available. Some of these are like little suitcases with a handle and two slots to place the cards. Some of these are like book holders and can be placed in the centre of the coffee table to hold the deck of cards.

  • Good Seating Arrangement

A good rummy game player knows the significance of good seating arrangement for a player to keep focus on the game. That is why a good player will make sure the chairs are well placed. The height of the chairs will suit an average player height. The coffee tables too will be of the height that allows comfortable playing.

These are some things you get to see specifically in a rummy fan’s well-arranged home.

31 Oct 2017

How To Decorate A Temple Space In Your Room

How To Decorate A Temple Space In Your Room

Are you thinking about putting a temple room in your home? Well, then there are a number of designs that you can take recourse to if you want to try out something else other than the traditional. In fact, you can spruce up your temple room in ways that you could not even imagine before.

If you do not want to go into a lot of trouble for planning the decoration of a unique temple room, then you can always take the help of a well-known temple design firm. Make sure that they are recommended by customers who have availed their services before. If you want to do it on your own or provide the design firm with some unique inputs, then here are some interesting temple decor ideas that you can always fall back on:

  1. If there is a dearth of space in your home and you can only allocate one small corner for your idols then it is best to get a small temple home where you can keep your idols. These temple houses are beautifully crafted to look like miniature temples. Opt for the ones that come with a storage space where you will be able to keep all that you need for worship on a daily basis. Place this small miniature temple home on a flat stool and add a nice light above it to have a beautifully decorated temple corner of your own.
  2. If you have an entire wall space to decorate your temple, then you can hang a nice big circle fitted with lights within it and place the idols on a beautifully carved platform. Keep the lights white if you have marble statues. You can also keep a small cupboard by the side, inside which you can keep all your tools for worship and other necessary items for your temple. You can keep diyas on two sides and light them daily.
  3. In case you have an entire room for your temple, then there are numerous ways in which you can decorate it. Just make sure that you do not clutter the room with too many idols or photos and keep the walls free. Paint them nicely and keep a hanging light so that the light of the Lord shines brightly. You can also use big three tier Pradip for decoration purposes and hang a bell in the room if you want.
  4. Temple cupboards are very much in trend these days and this is what most temple design service that you hire will opt for if there is a dearth of space. While on the middle two rows you keep your idols, there is an extended platform from these rows on which you can make your offerings. The other shelves are mostly used for storage purposes.
  5. And lastly, if your apartment is really small and you want to keep it as homely as possible, then take a large tray, drape it with a nice cloth, keep your idol on it and on a bowl place a floating candle and some flower petals.

From small to large, these are some easy to execute temple design ideas that will surely look good in any home.

23 Oct 2017

4 Home Interior Design Trends You Need To Follow In 2017!

4 Home Interior Design Trends You Need To Follow In 2017!

The interior of a house is a haven for those living there. Homes usually need a cozy interior, but also one that would impress those coming in from outside. This is why it is important to follow the latest interior design trends. An outdated interior could become monotonous and depressing very easily.

However, interior design could be difficult to figure out. It is also not the cheapest of trends to keep up with. Hence, we’ve compiled a few trends from the past year below which could help you transform your living space:

  1. ‘Out’ With The Plain, ‘In’ With The Colors

Interiors that are plain white, gray, or beige are not really trending anymore. Sure, they’re natural shades, but everyone needs some color in their life. Plus, decisions of any kind would always show up against beautiful shades of green, brown, or even black. This doesn’t mean you have to paint the whole roon in such heavy colors. One wall or two would be enough to radically change your surroundings.

The key here is not to be afraid of coloring your walls. Every home should have bright and cheerful interiors, especially in the fall and winter. Plus, painting a couple of walls wouldn’t break the bank.

  1. Marble Accessorizing

Let’s face it; marbled walls coupled with marble flooring are on their way out. So it’s time to tone down the marbling in every nook and corner, and go for a ‘less is more’ philosophy. Marble countertops and tiles are a classic, but be sure not to have matching walls or décor too close by them.

If you love marble elements in your house, though, you can have them! Some beautiful lamps with a marble base or a couple of vases would be an excellent and sophisticated choice. However, if you’re not too particular about this material, it’s better to go for the more earthy stuff. Wooden, clay and metal objects with a weathered look are among the trending items this year.

  1. Mixed Pieces

Everything matching is simply not the way to go. It is not only impractical, since some pieces simply would not go in every corner, but also monotonous. Even if you have a starting themes, such as a certain time period, don’t be too strict about it. Instead, mix and match whenever you can. just because they are from the same family of décor doesn’t mean they always go together.

For instance, a huge rocking chair could be a statement piece in a prominent corner of the living room. it could look very impressive with its dark mahogany and warm velvet cushions. However, having sofas and chairs to match this one piece is going to darken everything. Plus, it would take away attention from a truly gorgeous piece. Hence, it would be better to let the rocking chair have its own spot, and the other furniture more practical for everyday use.

  1. Home Will Be More Cozy

With the extremely busy lives we lead today, home is where we need to flop down and relax. Even if we work from home, like offering online dissertation help, we need to have our downtime.

However, cozying up the house just isn’t enough. There are simply too many devices distracting us at any given time. and no, lying down with your phone and constantly scrolling is not a way to unwind. In fact, it makes your body even more tired.

This is why modern homes are looking more and more towards having places to unplug. This could be achieved by draping of a corner or even just the bed. Make the sanctuary as beautiful as possible. Comfy chairs, cushions with deep colors, and soft rugs complete the nook. This could be a great place for disconnecting and simply enjoying yourself with a good old book.

Alternatively, it could be an excellent retreat for catching up when a friend comes over. Make it a rule to let no devices come into that special space. You’d be surprised at how much more you would enjoy yourself!


The above interior design trends are by no means set in stone. They are, however, a guideline to setting up your house in the best possible manner. The coming year, invest in a few good pieces of home décor and wow your guests with your good taste! At the same time, make sure you remain true to your own instincts and personality.

05 Oct 2017

Looking For The Best Buy: Things To Consider When Buying Teak Outdoor Furniture

Looking For The Best Buy: Things To Consider When Buying Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak has been a favorite material for outdoor furnishings because of its durability and warm color. Also, its high content of oil and natural rubber is Nature’s gift for weatherproofing. For example, it ensures that your furniture will have a longer lifespan as it is suitable for protection against water, insects, and decay.

Teak is not only known for its durability, but teak is also easy to maintain, eco-friendly, and beautiful to look at as outdoor furniture. For sure, a small investment will provide you a lifetime of satisfaction and enjoyment when you choose teak for your outdoor area.

No matter how perfect teak is as furniture for your outdoor living space, you will not regret going through the buying process with the right information. You still need to read various reviews and tips about this excellent material for your outdoor furniture.

For you to learn more about teak, here are some things you need to know before buying one.

Know the Price

Looking For The Best Buy: Things To Consider When Buying Teak Outdoor Furniture

As teak furniture is a sought-after outdoor furnishing, it also drives the price of the material to go up high. Thus, it is important to know the range of prices before going to a furniture shop.

For a medium-sized table and chairs, the price ranges from $150 to $200 US dollars. For a complete outdoor dining set, it can go as high as  $1,000 to $1,500 US dollars.

Machine-Made or Handmade?

Looking For The Best Buy: Things To Consider When Buying Teak Outdoor Furniture

Machine-made teak furniture is the best so far. It is because each component and parts of the furniture have a perfect fit. This perfect fit guarantees the strength and ensures the durability of the furniture as it is composed of tenon and mortise joints and do not rely on glue to hold the parts together.

Due to major investments in technology, machine-made teak furniture is quite expensive. Nevertheless, you will not regret paying for the price. For machine-made teak furniture, you can browse sites like Focus on Furniture.

Handmade teak furniture, on the other hand, brings back romantic notions of a “natural material made by natural hands.” Workers and carpenters do handmade production for teak furniture. The good thing about this is that you as a buyer can request to put your design and style of the furniture.

Consider the Different Grades of Teak

Grade A Teak

This grade of teak uses mature heartwood part of the teak timber. It is close-grained, rich in protective oils, and has a warm honey color. Burmese Grade A teak comprises a straight grain while Indonesian teak contains a distinct curvy grain. Grade A teak makes up 20-25% of a mature log. So, you will find them quite expensive to purchase than the other grades. But, you can assure durability that can last a lifetime.

Grade B Teak

Grade B teak utilizes the semi-mature outer heartwood of the teak timber. It has a dull color, less shiny, and uneven grain. It makes up between 25-35% of a mature teak log and not as oily as the Grade A.

Grade C Teak

While the first two grades use heartwood, Grade C teak covers usage of sapwood from the external parts of the teak log. This section of the wood delivers water and minerals to the crown of the teak tree. Hence, it is softer than the heartwood, with a dark color and patchy grain. It also lacks protective oil content that makes the material shiny and durable.

Grade C teak is very affordable concerning its price because it is known as an inferior grade.

Don’t Buy Chemically Treated Teak

Some teak furniture is chemically treated with a toxic sulphuric acid to smooth out the uneven surface of the material and to create a more uniform color. This chemical is harmful and can cause respiratory problems when inhaled.

Another type of chemical used in treating teak is hydrogen peroxide which creates the appearance of a low-grade teak. This kind of chemical will decrease the moisture of the wood that causes brittleness. To spot chemically treated teak furniture, look for the suspicious dark color and pieces that do not contain any grain.


Teak furniture is a great option for your outdoor living spaces. It is an excellent choice because it is eco-friendly, durable, and useful for any activities you do in your outdoor area. Thus, it is essential that you know what things to consider before buying a teak furniture.

15 Jul 2017

Wainscoting: Achieve Instant Style At Budget Cost For Your Home

Wainscoting: Achieve Instant Style At Budget Cost For Your Home

A wall treatment that is generally applied to the lower part of the wall, wainscoting is a technique that has existed for a long time but has been deemed out of fashion in the 1950s. However, it has made a comeback in recent years due to its versatility, easy application, and most importantly, costing only a fraction of what it used to. Homeowners all over the world are giving their interior space a fresh new look with the help of wainscoting.


Wainscoting: Achieve Instant Style At Budget Cost For Your Home

Traditionally made from solid wood which is heavy, expensive, and difficult to handle, wainscoting now comes in light-weight materials that are ready to be painted. Thanks to this advancement in material technology, installation for wainscoting is a breeze and is very affordable. Furthermore, as the material is easily manipulated, you can have your wainscoting at any height you prefer, from only covering one-third all the way to the full height of your wall.

Styles and colors

Wainscoting: Achieve Instant Style At Budget Cost For Your Home

Wainscoting decorations come in many styles and colors. Go for a more intricate look, like raised panel wainscoting, for a traditional theme or get a simple flat panel wainscoting for that clean modern interior appearance. Looking for something more country-like or barn style? Not a problem. Simply install beadboard wainscoting to perfectly create a pleasant cottage atmosphere in the room. Because you can paint it any color you want, wainscoting can be very versatile and made to fit the theme of your room.

Opt for a light color to brighten up the space and augment its sense of spaciousness. For a more cozy and intimate ambiance, paint your wainscoting a dark color. To make your room more exciting, create visual contrast by painting your wainscoting a different color from the wall. The choices are endless!


Wainscoting: Achieve Instant Style At Budget Cost For Your Home

Apart from being an aesthetically pleasing decoration, wainscoting also has the added bonus of being functional. This extra layer on your wall makes a great protector for your structural walls. Damages from water splashes or objects hitting against your walls will be absorbed by the wainscoting. Wainscoting is a rigid object usually painted with semi-gloss paint, making it possible to be sprayed with cleaning agents and wiped down. If the wainscoting has suffered too many damages, simply change the panel, which will be much easier and cheaper than repairing your structural walls.

In case your walls already have cracks or imperfections on the lower region, you can just install wainscoting over them and these eye-sores will disappear in no time at all. In addition, wainscoting also acts as an insulator, keeping your room warm and cozy during the harsh winter months.

Installation practices

Wainscoting: Achieve Instant Style At Budget Cost For Your Home

Most people install wainscoting around the whole perimeter of a room and usually at a height of 32 to 36 inches. This, of course, depends on the height of your walls and structure of your room. If the room is small and has a low ceiling, consider getting lower wainscoting as high wainscoting can look imposing and makes a small room look cluttered.

On the other hand, a modern take in designing a space with wainscoting is to use it to make a feature wall. Apply a floor to ceiling wainscoting to just one of your walls, leaving the others plain and undecorated. This will instantly achieve a designer looking room that has style and taste, but without making it look too busy.

From a decorative point of view, wainscoting helps high ceiling rooms look less overwhelming as it visually breaks up large walls and give them a more “human” dimension. It also creates an opportunity to have two colors on your walls and have them look natural together. Add in the fact that wainscoting also has different useful functions, is cheap to install, plus you do not have to go through an arduous project to have it done, it is high time that you take advantage of this great wall treatment and make it your next home improvement!

03 Jun 2017

How to Hire Reliable Contractors to Redesign Your Home’s Interior

How to Hire Reliable Contractors to Redesign Your Home’s Interior

There are hundreds of designs and build firms around the world, but you have to dig a bit to find the best ones. You want a reliable contractor; one with knowledge of both interior and exterior designs, as well as creation construction. Read below to find out how you can find a reliable contractor for your home interior’s redesign.

Take Time to Research Your Options

Most interior designers and home contractors have portfolios of their best works. This makes it easier to research your options, as you can actually, literally see what home builders and designers can do for you. When delving into the dynamics of a design or home build company, you should go straight to their portfolios to gauge their styles, work times, and service package prices. If you find everything that you want, or close to everything that you want, in a single firm, then contact them for collaboration.

Look at Word of Mouth Reviews

There are dozens of websites that offer reviews on a number of businesses, with home contractors included. You can also ask around for word-of-mouth reviews from friends and loved ones, since the people you know are likely to be honest with you. However, companies nowadays also use social media outlets to garner business, so you can check their social networks to discover hundreds of reviews from your area.

Ask Questions in Person/Set Up a Consultation

If you find that a design and contractor firm is right for you on paper, then set up a consultation and in-person interview. You become the client, but you are choosing them for something you want in the long run. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and maybe even set up a brainstorm session where you and the contractors can have a sit down to go over ideas. Collaboration in design and build is the key to connection and establishment between a client and a good business.

Remember Your Budget

Keep your budget in mind, always. You need something to base your contract agreement on. And your budget should be at the forefront of your plans, because a contractor’s service package will depend on how much you, the homeowner, are willing to spend. Be upfront about your budget and expect them to work with you to stay within your goal.

Reliable contractors are positive and upbeat, because they have the confidence it takes to do your project within your specifications. Check out a board or forum of construction leads to get an idea of which company is looking for a new project. Look for a design firm with know-how and the past experience to prove their expertise.

30 Apr 2017

Best CRM Software

Best CRM Software

CRM (customer relationship management) software is a type of tool that deals with a wide variety of applications that were developed to assist companies in managing many of their business processes such as: customers and contacts, client data, interaction with customers, automation of sales, tracking of leads, customer support, knowledge and training, and many other areas that are vital for companies and organizations.

Customer relationship management software is most often used to manage business/customer relationships. At the same time, CRM products are also used to take care of sales leads, win contracts, manage employees, customers, and business contacts. In average, CRM solutions can be used by an enterprise or organization of any size. Bpm’online offers some of the best CRM software available in the market.

What CRM can tell you about customers

Businesses can have information regarding what purchases their customers make. It is important, for example, to know if your customer bought a car, and for that reason, might need a service. When you transfer this information to CRM solutions, you become more flexible in using or assessing it.

Appropriate CRM tools can dramatically enhance the quality of service your company provides to your clients. It can also make your employees much more efficient through unification of all your information in a single location. Using CRM products, you can build a complete picture of your client base.

5 Top Best CRM Solutions


Best CRM Software

Bpm’online presents its seamlessly integrated CRM products that manage an entire customer journey – from lead to order and further – to continuous contracts. The company can boast of the best-of-breed technologies that have the following features:

  • CRM platform is a holistic automation product that can bring all your databases together for better communication with your customers. You can add information to your client bases with a click of the mouse.
  • This CRM system was designed for professional sales management. The tools that bmp’online offers enable users to employ proven sales processes. Built-in analytics allows assessment of your activities, and communications manager helps stay in touch with your colleagues and customers.
  • This CRM package provides a wide variety of services for its users. For instance, agent desktop makes it possible to improve the quality of communications and customer experience. And configuration management was dramatically enhanced by introduction of configuration item database.


Best CRM Software

Zoho CRM is the solution that helps sell smarter, better, and faster. This software was designed to close more deals in less time. The company’s smart CRM package offers you solutions to simplify your processes and has the following features:

  • Using the tools provided by this company, you can interact with your customers via multiple channels. Since your clients are everywhere, you can use multichannel support and get in touch with them through social media, email messages, live chat, or phone and keep track of your interactions in one place.
  • Zoho’s CRM software solutions allow customizations and configurations that will help you adapt your tools to work the way your business does. Such helpful features as layouts, modules, fields, and automations were designed to control incoming information. Besides, you can add on applications that will help your work.
  • This CRM product provides assistance in building a scalable sales organization. As your business expands and your sales team grows, you will need your sales processes to scale in order to give the same amount of attention to your leads and customers. This CRM solution allows automation of your daily activities.


Best CRM Software

Insightly offers its CRM software for businesses of all sizes. This CRM solution was designed to provide businesses with easy, powerful, and affordable tools and has the following features:

  • The package has powerful customer relationship management solutions developed to assist small-size businesses in dealing with the important task of managing your partners, suppliers, vendors, enterprises, contacts, and leads. This web-based CRM uses cutting-edge best practices allowing to detect everything related to a lead or a contact.
  • This CRM product provides great sales opportunities through its applications that help manage pipelines, define the value of the business, and determine the probability of winning.
  • Flexible social CRM tools allow integration with social media. Users can locate almost every social media profile by putting in a person’s email address. You can also explore your customer’s information in public profiles with a single click.

Sugar CRM

Best CRM Software

Sugar CRM offers the entire customer journey through its CRM package. This company has developed its customer relationship management solutions to provide exceptional customer experience. Its product is easily customized to automate your business processes and has the following features:

  • Customer journey is the focal point of this package. Managing your customer expectations will determine success of your business. This CRM offers tools to automate any customer journey with rules driven behavior. Complexity or size of task does not affect its fulfillment.
  • This CRM product assists in building relationships with customers. Your representatives will have unprecedented access to all interactions between customers and employees across your company. Relationship analytics offers 360-degree view of customer interaction and will help deliver real-time insight into company/client relations.
  • ​This CRM platform offers an optimized and centralized customer support hub. This tool was designed to address customer issues and helps eliminate communication gaps between the manufacturing and support teams.
27 Apr 2017

Ideas To Relook A Hotel Interior Design

Ideas To Relook A Hotel Interior Design

Before designing the hotel there are various different aspects that you  should bear in mind like the perfect and awesome ambiance, the most inviting atmosphere, sufficient space, cleanliness of rooms, proper view from rooms etc. So, the hotel owner should be careful while looking for the interior designer. While designing or relooking the hotel, the interior designers will take care of all such features and will come up with the design which is rewarding for owners and also eye-catching for the visitors.

Modern hotels cleverly have adapted to the rapid social changes along with the creative solutions. Before hiring an interior designer for your hotel you should look at the most striking trends of interior design that shape up the hospitality. From re-planning the configurations of guestroom to ensure about highly personalized experiences, the hotel owners are transforming the units of hotel accommodation to the highlights of every escape. They are giving more focus of hotel furniture which is unique as well as antique. Irrespective that you are an owner of a hotel or even if you are planning the international business trip, here are some latest twists:

Lobby of Hotel envisioned as a dynamic spaces

There are many hotel projects focusing on offering first impression. Here significance of lobbies is growing, since social encounters have become dependent on the specific hotel area. With new trends of business traveling, hotel lobbies must provide the multi-use space meant for casual and formal talks, plugging in devices and working on laptops. It means the simple arrangement of sofa-coffee table won’t cut it. The most creative segmentation of space is important, providing both social and intimate zones, and good quality furniture offering functionality and comfort. More profligate entrance features include green walls, large chandeliers, multimedia stations and indoor waterfalls.

Bathroom to be renovated as spa

Bathrooms now stopped being perceived as the auxiliary rooms, or the spaces that could be minimized for expanding the living areas. Modern tourist also expects more than they get at home. The resort bathroom having the features like spa is an open invite for relaxation and for the sure-proof method to allure the guests with the promise of transient luxury. You can include waterfall showers, sinks, over-sized bathtubs, beauty items, giant towels and certainly plenty of space.

Make your hotel a destination for Luxury and comfort!

14 Apr 2017

Hire Interior Designer Online to Improve Your Drawing Room

Hire Interior Designer Online to Improve Your Drawing Room

Drawing room is that particular room of the house which serves as the entrance for the whole house. It helps creating the lasting impression on your guests. It is an obvious thing that you will want the drawing room of your house to be quite appealing and attractive. So as to get this you need to design your drawing room with much care and perfection and for this you need to hire interior designer online. Every nook of the room has to be considered when you talk about designing the room. Drawing room is that part of your house which is meant for relaxation and recreation; all the members of the house entertain their guest and relatives in this room with great hospitality.

You will for sure want to decorate the drawing room of your house so as to make it look different and unique. Usually people keep most of their expensive stuffs in this room as it is believed that it reflects your status symbol. It is not necessary that you hire the most expensive interior design services provider so as to get the best services; there are many interior designers who do extraordinary things to your drawing room in a very minimum price.

Every item we you in decoration our drawing room will reflect our personality. Reflecting the personality means, in is done in the sense of mood, uniqueness, influence and inspiration. Apart from these the proper ventilation of the room is also must so that it does not make the room gloomy. There are end numbers of interior designers in the market you need to be wise enough when it comes to choosing the best interior designers for your drawing room.

Some aspects to be considered while you hire interior designer online:

  • You should design the floor of your drawing room in such a way that it serves several other purposes as well. As it is one of the most functioning rooms of your house, you can use various kinds of flooring like concrete, marble and hardwood. Good flooring is a must so as to enhance the functionality of your drawing room. For a warm room the wooden flooring is suggested by all interior design services provider.
  • The colors used must be bright and serene so as to make it appealing for the guests. As it is a fact that the color of the house has a power to affect your mood. Always go for yellow, white or cream color for your drawing room.
  • The furniture you choose must be according to the color or the design of your wall. So that both of it would complement each other and will beautiful your house.
  • The fabric of the curtain should also be chosen keeping this thing in your mind. Always prefer light weighted fabric for the curtain of your drawing room.

With all these tips from best interior designers will help you improve the designing sense of your drawing room. This will not at all be heavy in your pockets.


05 Apr 2017

How Much Do Sliding Doors Cost?

How Much Do Sliding Doors Cost?

With the warm weather hitting the whole of the UK in recent weeks, many homeowners have been basking out in the sunshine, entertaining friends and having barbeques during the evening. For some people this has been a difficult process and has lead to problems opening and closing doors, whilst for others, who may already have sliding or bi-folding doors installed, the transition between inside and outside living has been very easy.

As a result lots of homeowners have been having discussions about the route from the inside to the outside of the home, via patio doors or a back door in the kitchen. Sliding doors are one of the most popular options currently, so if you are considering adding them to your property, how much money would it set you back?

By doing a little bit of research on the internet, a two pane sliding folding door could cost you anything between £1300 + Vat to £2000 depending on your size requirements. However, these prices are all governed by many other factors, so leading sliding door specialists Clearview have noted down a few more things to consider when working out your budget.

Firstly it is important to consider the parameters which will determine the cost you have to pay for your sliding doors. The type of material you use will inevitably have a bearing on the cost. If you choose UPVC as your material, although lightweight and cheaper, security could be compromised compared to picking the more robust and sturdy aluminium frames which have been developed by leading sliding door specialists.

Secondly, the actual size of the opening you are thinking of putting sliding doors into. Sliding doors can only have three tracks so this does restrict the total size they can be, but they can be incredibly high and wide panes. By rule of thumb, the larger the amount of uninterrupted glass, the more expensive it will be.

Another thing to also consider is, are you just having it manufactured, manufactured and delivered or manufactured, delivered and fitted. Depending on your choice, this will have an impact on the price you pay. Also with installation, is access to the back of your home easy via a rear entrance or side gate which is quite wide? Or will they have to pass the door over a neighbour’s fence or build up on site to install it. All these things could have a consequence on any additional costs you could incur.

Finally, personal preferences such as colour will also increase the total price of the sliding doors. Although many standards colours such as white, silver and black come as standard, if you are looking for an unusual colour such as green, pink or bright red, these will have an additional charge. Also if you want to add blinds or other features, these will in-turn raise the price.

 These are just a few things to consider when totalling up the cost of adding sliding doors to your home, but it is always worth getting a few quotes before making a decision.

02 Mar 2017

Top 5 Creative Design Tips For The Office

Top 5 Creative Design Tips For The Office

Are you considering having your office redesigned? Interior design is important for every space. The right design can maximise space and encourage productivity and creativity. In your workplace, it’s important that everyone works together as a team towards a common goal while using creativity and innovation to get there. If you want to help your team work more efficiently and encourage more positivity in the workplace, an updated interior can do just that.

If you’re wondering how changing up the furniture in your office can impact how your employees work, you should learn more about the kind of design tips that make an impact. Everything from colours to the seating plan of a room can completely change the dynamic. Read on to learn more about the top five creative design tips for the office.

Adopt Zoning

Just as in a city, you should adopt zoning for your office as well. Zoning is all about creating spaces that reflect different uses. You should zone according to task and according to need. This way, your employees will be able to work more efficiently and better access the things they need in an environment that suits their tasks.

Take Down Walls

Cubicles are a thing of the past. In workplaces, employees should be encouraged to work as a team instead of all solo. Instead of having cubicles with high walls, you may want to consider getting rid of the walls altogether and creating more community- and teamwork-friendly workspaces instead.

Make Group Workstations

Did you know that most individuals are more efficient when they work together? You probably do, which is why more group workstations in your office could be a great idea. Say goodbye to one-person desks and have small groups of two to four people sit together instead. This way, they can get input from each other and network more.

Also, adding group workspaces to communicate and collaborate outside of meeting halls is a good idea too. Keep it casual and inviting so your employees will make great use of the space by their own accord. For an interior design consultation, Saracen Interiors can help.

Create Spaces for Rest and Relaxation

Everyone needs a chance to take a break. Employees who are encouraged to take breaks and rest when they need to are much more efficient and motivated in what they do.

There are lots of ways to create workspaces that can be used for rest and breaks. Consider using calm cool tones and comfortable furniture to encourage your employees to take breaks as they need them. This will increase morale and improve positivity as well.

Take Your Employees into Consideration

Lastly, don’t forget to take your employees needs into consideration as well. Find out what they want out of their workspace and find ways to incorporate that. Your employees may have some ideas you hadn’t considered before and can help you to design an office space that you and your employees will love.