16 Aug 2019

Is 6% Commission of An Agent Justifiable? Find Out the Facts to Get an Appropriate Answer!

Is 6% Commission of An Agent Justifiable? Find Out the Facts to Get an Appropriate Answer!

It is a fact that the commission of a real agent removes a considerable amount of your take-home cash at the time you sell your home. In the meantime, going alone indicates you’re on your own for the entire work.

Top 1% agent in Corpus Christi, Texas, Kim Erwin stated:

“sellers have a mindset that they’re about to save money by staying away from the commission, so they intend to sell their home somewhat cheaper. However, would you say you are truly saving money in case you’re selling your home for not as much as what you could’ve gotten with the right agent?”

Eventually, you need to skip the commission path dependent on your presumptions. However, in such cases, you could end up dealing with legal contracts filled up to your neck or end up with the money on the table with a buyer who takes you to the cleaners.

The Fact Is, Your Agent Doesn’t Keep the Total Amount of Commission

At the time of getting an estimate regarding evaluating the amount that the agent’s commission will cost you, it appears expensive. For instance: on a home that sells for $300,000, the 6% commission of a real estate agent will cost you $18,000.

As per the revelation of the report issued by U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, a real estate agent gets $60,000 on an average as an income. Does it indicate that agents just require to sell four homes per year to make their yearly income?

The answer is a Big No!

First off, as per the fact, that entire 6% commission doesn’t go into your agent’s pocket. The commission has to divide 50-50 between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent.

Despite the fact, as per 3% on a $300,000, the agent still gets $9,000, correct?

The technical answer here is, yes. However, the agent is not the only person who puts the entire amount in his pocket.

The participation of a licensed real estate broker is also required in each home sale transaction, who should be paid, as well. Now, in this case, the amount of that 3% seller’s commission goes to the broker fluctuates somewhere in the range of 10%-50%.

After making the payment to the broker, your real estate agent still has to bear some other overhead expenses. There are some membership dues to deal with, such as NAR and MLS, in addition to the technology expenses such as their website.

Furthermore, there’s a requirement to bear certain expenses while selling your home. There is also the fact that the agent doesn’t get paid until the point your home finally sells; as a result, the agent has to bear the marketing costs from their own pocket. At the time of selling your home, they have to pay for certain things which include the cost professional photographers, digital and direct mail marketing materials, thus considerably more.

After deducting all expenses that an agent has to bear from his commission, the take-home pay remains somewhere in the range of $1,000 to $3,000. Now, split that between the number of hours they’re working for you and that winds up around $28 per hour.

Fact Check! That 6% Commission Isn’t Fixed

You can survey any online seller’s net proceeds calculator, and you’ll observe that the pre-set rate of agent’s commission is 6%. At the time of an inquiry, you will usually get a reply of 6% commission from any real estate agent.

In any case, that doesn’t imply you have to pay a 6% commission rate.

As per the US laws and regulations, there is no dictation regarding the agent’s commission rates as yet. This implies 6% is up for negotiation.

This reality hasn’t gone unnoticed.

As per the revelation of recent studies, there is a decline in an average national real estate commission rate. As per the recent statistics, the average is close to a 5% national commission rate.

After going through these facts, does this imply that the agent is bound to accept a 5% rate, or, on the other hand, you’re getting ripped off in case the agent demands a 6% commission rate?

The answer is again a Big, No!

It actually refers to the fact that the commission rate is negotiable. At the time you’re working out your deal, you can ask your agent whether they’re eager to accept a lower commission, and let them ask the buyer’s agent too.

Considering the majority of the work real estate agents have to do to make sure you get a good amount for your home and the process is done in a timely manner, you will finally realize they deserve every single penny.

Another Fact Check! Smart Agents Are Able to Sell Homes Quicker and For More Money

Here, you should reconsider the advice above from Kim Erwin ‘’top real estate agent,’’ who stated: “Would you say you are truly saving money in case you’re selling your home for not as much as what you could’ve gotten with the right agent?”

The point to take a note here is that she didn’t only state “agent.” She put “right” before it.

On average, only in the US, there are more than 2 million active real estate agents. You’d be silly to hand over 6% of your home sale profits to an agent who wasn’t top-tier.

Therefore, you need the best real estate agent who possesses an incredible set of skills. They’re smart when it comes to negotiating and great marketers who can bring you 1-20% more than your home in less time as compared to an average agent.

Author’s Bio:

Patrick Felix is a MacDonald Highlands area full-time real estate investor who entered in the business at 22 years of age, and whose portfolio today incorporates commercial offices, apartment buildings, and residential homes.

26 May 2019

5 Vintage Ideas Which Will Make Your Apartment Look Great

5 Vintage Ideas Which Will Make Your Apartment Look Great

Apartment/house decoration requires a creative and crafty mind. However, you don’t have time to think about all the ideas which will make your apartment look great, then worry not. We’ve got you covered in this blog. There are many ways to decorate your apartment and with time this decoration can become out of fashion. However, if you decide any vintage theme for your apartment, then it will never get out of fashion.

Here are some vintage ideas which you can follow to make your apartment look like the work of art. Give these ideas a read and take a ride into the vintage world:

Choose A Time Line

Let’s talk about the first thing first. If you want to decorate your house in a vintage style, then you have to select a timeline first. For example, different timelines had different trends. It is important to choose a timeline and stick to it because there were different trends during different eras and you shouldn’t mix them up. It might turn out as a mess.

Focus On the Accessories More

Having furniture according to your selected timeline is important. However, small details can make a lot of difference when it comes to vintage décor. Focus on small things rather than spending a huge amount of money on bigger things. It shows that you much attention you’ve paid to your décor and how dedicated you are for your apartment décor. If you are looking a brand new apartment for rent to turn it into a vintage home, then give apartment for rent in Palm Jumeirah a try.

Walls Make All the Difference

Walls are more important than you think they are. Therefore, pay attention to them. You can literally post anything on the walls from that era. It can be a poster of any advertisement or of famous celebrity of that time. It will help to make the place vintage and crafty at the same time.

Always Choose Neutral Colors

This goes with all the timelines. This means that it doesn’t matter which timeline you are choosing, neutral colors will go with any of it. This is because of the fact that neutral colors have been appreciated as interior décor choice since ages. Therefore, choosing a neutral color will be a plus for you if you are following a strict vintage theme.

13 May 2019

Benefits of Hiring Real Estate Agents

Benefits of Hiring Real Estate Agents

One of the most vital financial transactions that can ever take place in a person’s life is that of buying or selling a property. The best means of having a successful deal is to hire real estate agents as they will give you ample options and help you look up an amazing home. The fact remains that any decisions to be made regarding the purchase or selling of a property must be thoroughly wise, knowledge and be backed by ample knowledge and guidance by an expert. For this reason, it is necessary for you to make sure that you hire professional real estate agents.

The reasons why you should give due consideration to hiring real estate agents are many. Some of them are:

Not only are they educated, they are experienced too
The best part about estate agents is that they know all the tiny details about purchasing and selling various types of properties. These smart professionals are highly educated and have a vast experienced to their credit as they handle such transactions on a daily basis as they earn by offering Down Town Dubai property for sale.

Agents prevent you from getting spammed
The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of spam builders around and it just isn’t possible for you to work out their intentions. Real estate agents on the other hand will prevent you from falling victim to them and will help you get in touch with proper leads.

They can guide you on property costs
People generally tend to believe that real estate agents choose pricings for the purchase or selling of a property. This assumption is not true at all. Alternatively, real estate agents aid you in looking up properties with the best prices and can even help you out with negotiations if you are interested in buying one. The negotiation strategies that they take up are basically based upon many conditions, including demand and supply.

They know everything about the neighborhood
Another reason why you should always work with real estate agents is that they have thorough knowledge about the neighborhood and the property. You will never be able to gather the knowledge that they tend to hold with regards to fact and demographics of the neighborhood that you wish to purchase the property in.

Confidentiality is guaranteed
Not only do real estate agents present the buyer’s offers to the sellers and so on; they also make sure that confidentiality is never compromised upon. They will never disclose any data that you have trusted them with. Moreover, they are thorough professionals when it comes to putting in their best efforts to deliver the case in a precise manner.

Benefits that are offered by their professional network
Real estate agents are generally in touch with professional networks. This means that they have the potential to offer a plethora of selling and buying options to you. If you tap on to the capabilities of their professional network, you can even seek even more competitive pricing so as to make a better and wiser decision.

12 May 2019

How to Reduce Expenses and Risks When Buying a New House

How to Reduce Expenses and Risks When Buying a New House

There’s something appealing about a brand new house. You get to pick out the carpet, drapes, and appliances, and have everything designed just the way you want it. New houses often have more space and better appliances. They require less immediate fix-up work, and are more energy-efficient. New houses are also sometimes priced more reasonably than comparably old ones.

But, there’s a downside. The advantages of new houses are overshadowed by problems, such as, lengthy construction delays and shoddy construction. Anyone looking for a new home should buy property in Creek Harbour. Here are some suggestions on how to avoid problems while buying a house:

Inspect the House Thoroughly

Hire an experienced contractor or home inspector to evaluate the house you’re considering for the quality of construction. When a home is being worked on, it is easy to see whether construction standards are high or not. Don’t count on the city inspector to catch all the mistakes. You have to realize that they look at dozens of homes every day. Builders count on city inspectors missing things to save them time and money.

Also, you should visit your home site periodically during construction and take the final walk-through to catch last minute cosmetic defects.

Choose the Developer First

The most important factor in buying a new house is not what you buy, but rather who you buy it from. A liable builder understands that he or she has a reputation to protect. He will construct homes that live up to their promises. More than a few builders will take your money, throw together a house that will start falling apart on day one, and then they will stop returning phone calls. The message is, don’t buy a house – buy its builder.

Keep Track of Construction

Ask the builder to allow your inspector or contractor to give the home a once-over at least three times during construction: When the foundation is poured, when the framing is completed, and when the home is finished. Have the inspector examine various systems, including the walls, roof, plumbing, electrical, and insulation systems.

Get a New Home Warranty

You may have heard stories about new homes that begin to disintegrate soon after the buyer moves in – the roof leaks, the basement floods after the first big rain, or the doors won’t close. This shouldn’t be a problem if you Buy Property in Creek Harbour. Buy property from a reputable developer – but not all developers are reputable.

Your best bet is to buy a house with a new house warranty from an independent insurance company. You can also buy a new home warranty on your own, but you will have to shop carefully to find the one that covers major structural defects. Most builders offer a one year home warranty. Be aware of what it covers before you decide not to get a home warranty from an independent insurance company.

05 May 2019

The Pros and Cons of Investing in Rental Properties

The Pros and Cons of Investing in Rental Properties

In this competitive era, your goal should be to continue to embrace ownership and secure a safe source of revenue. Getting profit from rental properties is one of the widespread source of ongoing income. So, everybody is more inclined towards buying a property like JLT property for rent and then putting it on rent to yield more profit and earning. In terms of buying a property, we are making our life’s largest financial deal so it should be risk-free and secured. But everything has its own benefits along with some shortcomings as well. Investing in rental property is no exceptional. In this article, you are facilitated with some pros and cons of doing so.

Pros of Investment

Following are advantages of investing in rental properties:

Submissive Side Business

Investing in real estate is on boom these days as it has been a certified track to wealth and success. People has become more persuaded towards investing in real estate market either as livelihood or side profession. It serves as side business because it allows you to concentrate on other things as well, as it does not demand time and proper attention like full time businesses do.

Holding the Property

Owing a home is the best feeling for every person. Putting your home for rent gives you a privilege of still holding the ownership of house and earning a continuous source of income. It also allows you to go overseas without the headache of house to sell because your tenants are there to look after your property.

Beneficial for Paying Mortgage and Tax

Another advantage of investing in rental property is to secure your way of mortgage payments. The rent you will receive from your tenants will become the pathway of paying back the mortgage. You will be facilitated by the opportunity to profess tax deduction by your rentals.

Repeated Revenue

Out of many advantages investment in rental properties offer, this one is the far most important one. As it creates a drift of streamline recurrent source of income which can cover all the additional expenses of rental. It is a rewarding business in terms of generating wealth and prosperity. JLT properties for rent and many other well-known rental properties are some examples of successful businesses in this field.

Cons of Investment

Some of disadvantages of investing in rental properties are given below:

Risk of Wear and Tears     

Mostly tenants have this typical habit of not taking a rental property as their own. They don’t bother to take much care of it like a homeowner would do which result in depreciation of property. So wear and tears cost additional maintenance charges.

Risk and Consequences of Frequent Vacancies

Each time you lose your tenant you will have to face the consequences of financial crises. You cannot afford replacing tenants more often because it is a nerve racking and exhausting process which not only cost your time but costs money also.

Trouble Making Tenants

Another problem faced by investing in rental property is the tenants who don’t deserve to be here. They will become nuisance for you and are hard to deal with. You cannot have a peaceful day because of them as sometime they are complaining about something and sometime you will receive complain about them. Some tenants will bother you by not paying rents on time or by knocking property off.

Risk of Decrease in Value

As markets rates are fluctuating continuously which make it investing in a rental property a risky step. It is dicey in terms of financial concerns because you don’t know what unexpected things might happen. As suddenly decrease in your home value in market can cause you a huge financial shock.

Bottom Line

Above mentioned pros and cons will help you to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of investing in renting property. The more you know about every detail of it, the lower will be the risk of downfall.

11 Jan 2019

5 Shocking Things You didn’t know your Condominium Corporation Could Do

5 Shocking Things You didn’t know your Condominium Corporation Could Do

In the wake of a court decision regarding Airbnb a few months back, when Sanda Jovasevic agreed to lease her downtown Toronto condo to a tenant, only to find out later that someone had been renting out the unit through Airbnb without her consent, tongues have been wagging about what condo boards can and cannot do!

Luxury Condos in Toronto are a proliferate occurrence in our modern society, but its startling to learn that the laws and rules governing these living spaces are still shrouded in mystery. Even if you have never lived in a condominium, words such as “condo fees” or “condo board” must ring a bell. However, it goes well beyond that. Discerning what can or cannot happen in a condo community is still a mystery that has been the topic of heated debate for quite a long time now. While condo boards differ across buildings, we have done our due diligence and dug up 5 shocking things that all condo boards can do for sure.

1) Sell Your Unit

Before your jaws drop open in a silent protest, hear me out. It does appear to be a serious interference of an owner’s rights, considering that you invest in property to enjoy all the privileges and freedom that come with owning a property. Wouldn’t it then be too cruel to be stripped of the home that you have purchased lawfully and nurtured lovingly? However, certain circumstances make it legal for a condominium corporation to force you into selling your unit, whether you wish to or not. For instance, the corporation can register a certificate of lien against your unit in case of an unpaid condo fees. If enforced in court, the lien would mean parting with your unit if necessary.

What about in the event of an unreasonable condo fees? Is it negotiable? Unfortunately, the answer is no. When you are living in a condo, you have to make do with intermittent increases in condo fees without a frown. The owner’s fees go towards paying for the healthy reserve fund, the right to use the amenities, and the building’s maintenance. A reserve fund of the condominium corporation is akin to an emergency savings account to protect against a rainy day! Also, don’t think that you can opt out of the use of certain amenities to get your fee waivered.

2) Ban Pets

Here’s a tricky one. A lot of Luxury Condos in Toronto impose rules on pets, but some are more stringent than others. While we have seen a lot of cases decided by judges with different results, the rule of thumb is that your condo board is in a position to pass by-laws and declarations pertinent to pets, and even ban them if it so wishes, and you are legally bound to oblige; well at least most of the time. Given the fact that even landlords are not given the power to deal with their tenants in such a manner, llit may seem shocking to people that condominium corporations have been granted the power to make such rules. The Residential Tenancies Act renders the no-pet policies in rental agreements as unenforceable and void, but since the condo boards and condo owners don’t exactly follow the “landlord and tenant” relationship, such laws hold no importance here.

3) Dictate Your Renovations and Décor

This one is hard to digest by most people. Afterall, one would think that after sacrificing a lion’s share of your income on condo fees and mortgage, and splurging your life’s earning on a down-payment, you are at a liberty to personalize the place you call home. The last thing you would want is for the condo board to come knocking on your door, dictating your choice of blinds or shades. Even though it is a little hard to swallow, the condo board is permitted by the law to draft the condo’s rules, by-laws, and declaration to control or altogether ban these aesthetic features of your living space.

4) Limit Access to Amenities and occupancy

If you were still in doubt about the broad legal authority that condo boards have over what conspires on the premises, you are in for yet another shock. According to Section 56(1)(k) of the Act, the board may restrict the enjoyment and use of the common amenities to only the occupants of the building. Sorry to break your bubble if you were planning a giant pool party with your friends in the condo swimming pool. Such regulations even apply to your own unit’s interiors. Your condominium corporation can restrict unit occupancy to single families only. As for what constitutes a single family, well that is up to your condo board to decide

 5) Enter Your Suite

Don’t worry; it’s pretty rare but certain circumstances demand it. The management can break into your unit in the event of a fire outbreak, or any other emergency. Peruse your condominium’s rules, bylaws and declaration to look for rules that pertain to entering an occupant’s unit.


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My name is Taha Ahmed, a passionate blogger and digital marketer for almost 3 years. I have been featured on various magazines and blogs.


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While condo boards differ across buildings, we have done our due diligence and dug up 5 shocking things that all luxury condo toronto boards can do for sure.



14 Dec 2018

Most Common Mistakes Made By Landlords

Most Common Mistakes Made By Landlords

Owning rental properties is a challenging business, and mistakes can quickly lead to financial devastation. That’s why it’s so important for new or less experienced landlords to do their due diligence in research and sticking to good business practices. That isn’t to say a new landlord has to strive for perfection—small mistakes will happen, even with the experienced. But there are some possibly dire mistakes that can be avoided with fairly minimal knowledge or research. The following are a few mistakes every landlord should know how to avoid when starting their business.

Inadequate insurance

This is a bad mistake in any situation. Having either the wrong type of insurance or lacking the proper coverage can be disastrous for a landlord or anyone else. When it comes to insurance plans needed by landlords, they boil down to two basic types: property insurance and liability insurance.

There are different kinds of property insurance, but the basic idea is that they cover you in case of damages caused to your property by things like fire and flooding. Liability insurance, on the other hand, covers you in case of an incident occurring on your property. Think things like personal injury. The general rule of thumb is that one should be covered for $1 million per incident. There are some less common forms of insurance, like terrorist insurance, but these are typically only purchased under specific circumstances.

Failure to screen tenants

Vacancies are essentially just lost money, and it can be tempting to rush ahead with a prospective tenant to clear that vacancy. This can become a costly practice in the long run, however. It’s best to always be thorough, especially since you can perform a tenant background check free. Be thorough in checking each prospective tenant’s background for things like their credit report and past renting history. Prepare questions for every tenant to ensure they are the kind of person you want living on your property. This can dramatically cut down on the amount of evictions you have later — a process that can be costly.

Failure to enforce penalties

Speaking of the possibility of evictions, it’s important not to be lax with any troublesome tenants. If you have written policies in place for things like late rent or pets, as you should, make sure to enforce the policies and their penalties. Failure to do so will likely lead to more tenants disobeying your rules.

Also, if you believe you need to evict a tenant, begin the process as soon as possible. It can be a lengthy one, and failure to follow through quickly can lead to wasted time you could have used bringing in a new tenant.

Underestimating maintenance

When planning your budget, it’s important to take the cost of repairs into account. You’ll need to charge enough in rent to cover ongoing and routine repairs. These are things include minor damages, changing carpet between tenants, or dealing with faulty appliances. Having to pull from your own pocket is, unfortunately, a real possibility in the case of a major repair. There are several formulas for estimating annual maintenance costs, but it’s important to bear in mind that there are exceptions to every rule. It’s always best to assume your maintenance cost will be higher than your initial estimate.

Lastly, it’s imperative to always keep up to date with landlord and tenant laws and regulations. At the very least, not following code can give a tenant grounds to break their lease. At the worst, violating the law or neglecting tenants can give them grounds for legal action against you. Make sure you’ve studied your state’s procedures for all situations.

13 Dec 2018

The Many Joys of Living The Lake Lifestyle

The Many Joys of Living The Lake Lifestyle

There are many different types of homes that are considered “dream homes.” However, for many people, the ideal home is a lakefront home. Because the beauty of a lake can readily be enjoyed year-round, lakefront homes are often considered the perfect home for young couples, families, and retirees.

Lake Communities

In many cases, lakefront and lake area homes are considered a part of a mini-community within a community. Living on or next to a lake builds a different lifestyle for homeowners for a wide variety of reasons.

One of the significant differences in lake living is the intentional sense of community that is often built among people who live there. In contrast to traditional neighborhoods, people that live in lake communities usually have a high level of neighborly bonding in ways that are similar to vacation properties in private communities.

Lake areas usually have lake associations and events that are designed to cater to lake homeowners. Many of the lake activities that are coordinated for these communities often bring people together several times a year. This creates friendships and a stronger sense that they are a part of something special.

Lake regions throughout the country often have a small-town community feel, whether it is because of weather-related storms or unique lake area concerns. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether the lake home is in a rural or suburban area. There is a generalized community-building atmosphere in almost all of them.

One of the other benefits that people find in lake area homes is that the areas in and around the lake are usually considered a haven for people to live away from the stresses of life. If the lake is within a commute to a regional workplace, homeowners often find that the stresses of work more readily disappear as they head home each day and enter the pristine beauty of lake living.

Kentucky Lake Property

Kentucky, which is one state that is widely recognized to have some of the most iconic roadways, beautiful mountains and lakes, is no stranger to lake communities. With 44 different lakes dotted around the countryside, people who wish to live in the state have no shortage of choices to find the very best lake community that suits them.

While many states in America abound with lakes, Kentucky is one of the few in the eastern Mid-Atlantic section with such diversity of climate and communities. While best known for wide swathes of open ranges, rolling hills, horse farms, and mountains, some of the quaintest areas are the state’s lake communities.

It should be noted that some lake areas in the state are quite rural, while others are situated in more suburban areas. For people who are looking to buy a home on a lake in the state, there is a constant flux of availability for lake property throughout the state. Additionally, for people who would love to build a lake home, the state also has ample land for sale in and around the lakes throughout the state.

Choosing A Lake Region

Getting to know the landscape of the state and the best communities to live in for the home buyer’s needs is the best way to make the right choice on where to move. The state does have numerous lake vacation destinations in the state for people who like to be in or near a tourist area.

There are also many lakes in the state that are in rural quiet areas; perfect for people who want to build a getaway home. Finding the best land for sale in Kentucky for a lake home that suits the buyers needs just requires a bit of research.

Since the state is widely known for the Kentucky Derby, horse races and training areas, areas that are located in horse counties tend to have a higher demand and home prices tend to be higher in those regions. This is a widely popular area of the state and it has some beautiful regions around Lake Geneva.

Most of the lakes in the region are natural lakes. However, there are a few that are man-made lakes that were created as reservoirs and recreational lakes by the Army Corp of Engineers. Understanding the lake region that is best suited for a home buyer’s needs is an important part of researching each lake area being considered.

23 Nov 2018

Milford: Best Place for Your Family and Home in Connecticut

Milford: Best Place for Your Family and Home in Connecticut

Milford Connecticut is known as a “small town with a big heart,” a feeling that clearly reflects the character of the city. Sailboats, yachts, and motorboats sail to this picturesque coastal town. The city center is green extended in the center of the city. Milford has always encouraged the preservation and restoration of old homes, helping to preserve the charm of this traditional New England town.

The marina in the center of town on the river is a great place to see the boats coming and going, or strolling along the docks. Certainly, one of the most picturesque and charming neighborhoods in Milford. The summer night on the Harbor Lights concert series is a special treat!

Every year in August, Milford celebrates the oyster festival, a city-wide exposition and a celebration of the city’s location on Long Island Sound and its fertile land of oysters. The festival takes place around Milford Green, close to the center as well as throughout the city center. It offers a variety of events including kayaking, keno, classic car shows, crafts, and musical performances.

Milford is a popular destination for saltwater, with its many marinas, pleasure boats, and beaches. With over 17 miles of beautiful coastline, it is no wonder that boats and beaches are very popular. One of the most popular events in Milford is the annual Sand Castle Contest, which attracts hundreds of participants who make sculptures from the beach.

Silver Sands National Park and the Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center in Milford Point are popular outdoor destinations. The Smith-Hubbell Wildlife Sanctuary and Bird Sanctuary are located on a barrier beach adjacent to the Charles Wheeler Wildlife Sanctuary at the mouth of the Housatonic River. The Audubon Center offers a unique learning environment and outdoor adventures for people of all ages. The center features a shallow tidal reservoir, educational exhibits and a 70-foot indoor observation tower for panoramic views.

The Great River Golf Club is an 8-hole, 72-hole golf course. It includes private training facilities, a conference center, and banquet facilities. The city’s tennis club has six covered courts.

For children and young people, the Smileys Leisure Center is a year-round recreation center with a children’s kingdom, music room, skateboard video game room, swimming pool, and gym. Seasonal activities include the children’s garden, torches, narrow boats, half-way games, and mini golf. The Ice Pavilion offers ski rentals, leagues, and group games. Other leisure opportunities for children include playgrounds, a famous youth center, ice rinks, and a riding academy.

Milford has a diverse economy in manufacturing, retail, corporate offices, light industry, and investment firms. Guests will find everything they need or want in many exclusive shops, pubs and shopping malls, including the Westfield Mall. Everyone still calls the original name, the Connecticut Post Mall and one of the largest shopping centers in the state.

Milford’s residential areas offer a variety of lifestyle options. Historic Colonial homes and Victorian architecture are side by side with modern structures and luxurious properties at the water’s edge. There are beautiful neighborhoods throughout the city, consisting of modest family homes, new developments, residential buildings, and condos. Most of the new apartments are located in the city center, nearby the river.

In addition to high-quality public schools, the city has several private schools and state-approved private schools for children with special needs and technical high schools.

With its picturesque beaches, islands, river bird sanctuaries and New England charm, Milford is one of CT’s best cities for your home and family. Milford is a nice place to own property, and it is also a fascinating location to start a business!

Author’s Bio:

Peter Williams is a professional real estate consultant who deals in homes for sale in Milford PA. Peter works at a famous real estate firm located in PA. He was born in New Jersey in 1988 and has been working with real estate companies for around ten years.

12 Oct 2018

How to Bargain For a Commercial Lease to Favour You as the Tenant

How to Bargain For a Commercial Lease to Favour You as the Tenant

If you are given terms verbally by your landlord or leasing agent, ask for a written document. The initial terms are important because they will determine your life will be as a tenant in that particular property. If you fail to notice some of the clauses in the commercial lease Brooklyn that can make your life as tenant miserable, you will endure it through the lease period.

It is important to understand terms and hence the importance to have them in writing.  You can use the document to research or even consult a tenant representative who can advise you accordingly. Negotiating for any commercial lease is not easy, and you still have to do it when you want to renew. Here is how to get a commercial lease that favours you:

Hire an experienced real estate broker

Most tenants are afraid of having a middleman and prefer to go straight the landlord. While it may seem like a good idea especially if you are thinking of saving money, there many other incredible points of working with a real estate agent. Even the broker who looks he does not have much to offer, he or she knows a lot about leases and real estate market more all tenants.


A commercial lease allows you to negotiate. If you are lucky to have the bargaining power, you will get a good deal. It depends on how much the landlord is in need of a tenant.

Research the market

Without enough knowledge about the local commercial rents rates, your bargaining power will be down. Talk to friends or family in business and get to know how much they pay. This will enable you to know what is fair and what is too high.

Never accept the initial offer

The first offer is always the landlord’s idea, and it favors only the property owner. If you have been in the business, you know this is a standard lease contract and you should not sign it. Take it to your attorney or broker before signing and agreeing to the terms stated.

Identify the deal breakers

Go into the bargaining with a set of priorities. This means you know what you want and what you can give up on. It will help you make the landlord has won while you know deep down in your heart that you have gained something that you value.

Do not be afraid to start all over again

Do not hold on a deal too much. Be ready to forget it if does not seem to favour you in any way. If you want the deal desperately, you are most likely to end up with a commercial lease that does favour you with much. The party will take advantage of your need to control the whole contract.

Talk to the property owner and let them know what you want. But, everything has to be in writing. This will ensure that you both know what you are getting. It will remain as evidence throughout the lease period. Unlike a word of mouth that someone can counteract, the written lease agreement will last for years.

25 Sep 2018

Five Best Real Property Companies in New York 2018

Five Best Real Property Companies in New York 2018

New York City is known for its enormous size and business activities taking place there. Amongst the top economic activities in this city is the real property management that involves a lot of fields such as real estates. These are run by multimillion companies which are responsible for the construction and auctioning of the estates. An individual may be overwhelmed by these demanding tasks since it touches several fields that all require experts to get the job done. Companies have been set up to offer such services and we are going to review some of the best companies that have their headquarters in New York City to offer real property management NYCservices.

  1. Reliant Realty Group Limited

Reliant Realty Group Limited is a real estate company situated in New York City.  The company is a full-service provider that provides real property management services inclusive of housing management, investment sales, maintenance activities, consultation, financing, property sales, and construction. These services are just a few to mention. Reliant Realty Group is well renowned because of its massive and good quality property development and asset management.

  1. Multifamily Management Services

The Multifamily Management Services is also a great real property management company that has offices in New York City amongst many other regions in the United States. It has been there for long and its presence has been recognized through their services delivered in terms of the general property management concept. Some of the services they offer include leasing, housing loans, facility management, and construction of affordable housing.

  1. Manhattan Management Group

The Manhattan Management Group is a comprehensive real property management company. Services offered by this company may be considered as a full stack in that it touches both the development and running of the estates. They offer rent collection, tenant placement, lease and board package preparation, apartment upkeep, cleaning services, and consultation. With this range of services offered, the Manhattan Management Group has a large organizational structure.

  1. Citadel Property Management Corp

The Citadel Property Management Group is a real property company that is also located in New York. Unlike the aforementioned companies, this company focuses little on the after-sale services such as housing management, tenant placement, and rent collection. This company’s major role is to build and sell their property which is mostly achieved through brokerage services, marketing, development, and construction.

  1. ATCO

ATCO is one of the largest real estate companies situated in New York City. Major roles played by this company are the investment role and the ownership role. This real estate management company constructs houses and manage the property. The major services offered include commercial property management, cooperative property management and homeowner’s property management.

The above list may not be all-inclusive or may not reflect the actual scale of the companies but by comparison of the services provided against the time they have existed, they are some of the companies to consider for real estate management in New York City.

14 Sep 2018

Young Couples Are Not the Only Ones on the Lookout for Real Estate Condo Listings in Downtown Toronto

Young Couples Are Not the Only Ones on the Lookout for Real Estate Condo Listings in Downtown Toronto

While young hipsters, college grads, and young families are flooding the condo market, they are not the only ones on the lookout for real estate condo listings in downtown Toronto. In fact, more seniors than ever are moving into the city, taking advantage of the current onslaught of condo construction. Seniors all over the world looking to enjoy the remainder of their golden years are turning to condos, not only due to the ease of not having to take care of tasks such as lawn care and snow removal, but sharing common interests with the other building members.  With this in mind, it only stands to reason that the demand for condos with amenities that cater to the elderly will continue to grow.

The Convenience of Downtown Living

One reason so many seniors are moving into Downtown Toronto is the convenience of being at the heart of the city. Many seniors like to have access to a selection of cafes, restaurants, and delis to choose from, all within walking distance to help with the physical fitness of staying active. The downtown area has dozens of amazing eateries ranging from bistros to fine dining establishments. Upper scale clothing stores, jewelry stores, and boutiques are starting to cater to senior tastes, not only to cater to those already living here but also in hopes of attracting more to the area.

Friends at Hand

It seems as though it only takes one or two seniors to move into a condo unit before many more follow suit.  Living in a condominium building gives seniors the chance to meet each other in common areas like the pool, the gym, the community room, even walking around out on the lawn. Most condos with a large percentage of senior residents always seem to have something going on in the community room. Bridge games, poker, puzzles, knitting circles, quilting, or watching movies on the big screen. It doesn’t take long for lasting friendships to form. One of the worst things for a senior to have to deal with is loneliness. They no longer have jobs with coworkers they have known for sometimes decades; their families are busy getting on with their own lives. Buying a condo in one of the new condominium buildings gives seniors the chance to create a new circle of friends and become involved in group activities.

Taking Care of Each Other

By moving into a condominium building with other seniors creates what many tend to think of as their new family. While there may not be medical care offered as other retirement or assisted living arrangements, the perception of the lonely life of a nursing home can log be forgotten as these newfound friendships help look out for each other, not to mention stay active by taking part in group activities they share in common, and “age in place”, as seniors are calling it.  In Toronto, for example, it’s estimated that one in every four will be over the age of sixty-five, so proof even further that seniors are creating communities within condos.